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The Ordinary - Regimen Hack!
The Ordinary - Regimen Hack!
A simple trick to avoid conflicting products in your skincare routine! If you're anything like me, you probably own a plethora of The Ordinary products. When I discovered this brand and started seeing the great results, I got all excited and ordered a pile of products - many of which cannot (or should not) be used together. I usually stick to the same routine for clarifying and anti-aging, but I like to mix it up sometimes too (ie: with a lactic acid application for exfoliation a couple times a week, or ascorbic acid + albutin for clearing dark spots/scars). I have researched the ingredient conflicts carefully and worked each product safely into my AM and PM routines. The regimen guide on TO's website and the conflict chart (deciemchatroom.com) were very helpful! To take the guesswork out of my mornings and evenings, I simply colour coded each bottle. All products that conflict with each other get the same colour. So when I'm deciding which products I'd like to use, I just make sure I'm applying only one product with that colour. Products with no conflicts don't get a colour so I know I can use them with everything. It's also important to apply products in the correct order to maximize their effectiveness. If you have any trouble remembering the order in which to apply them, you could also number the bottles. Hope this is helpful!