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Haircare Power Duo

Haircare Power Duo

Step OneUse GloPRO® SCALP on clean, product-free hair. Hair may be damp or dry.
Step TwoPart hair into sections, lightly hold hair taut and in parallel with hair strands, gently glide GloPRO® back and forth over the scalp for about 5 seconds per target area. Continue parting hair and using GloPRO® until all desired areas have been treated.
Step ThreeUse the precision tip on the serum tube to help part hair. Apply 2-3 drops directly to scalp on each target area massaging gently. Repeat until all desired areas have been treated. Warning: Do not roll GloPRO® SCALP attachment through loose hair. Do not use the SCALP Attachment on the face, lips, eyelid, eye area or body.