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No.18 -  Deep Plum

No.18 - Deep Plum

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🥀 nail colors for rose gold accessories
🥀 nail colors for rose gold accessories
I’m insecure about my short nail beds. Even my “long” is still pretty short. So when I pick nail colors, I opt for ones that make short nails pop. I ALSO have a thing for rose gold and pink. From my phone ring to watches and hair clips, I think I’ve made a ~*~ collection ~*~ Some of the best nail colors for rose gold & pink are: 🌹 Dark Red 🌹 Mint 🌹 Grey 🌹 Cream I tried the first two nail polish colors on. Here are the deets on the entire look~ Nail Shape : Squoval One of the most natural looking shapes for short nails. I used the MALVA BELLE - Crystal Glass Nail File to shape them. They last waaaay longer than emery boards, and make them less likely to break. 🍷 RED sundays - No.18 - Deep Plum This polish costs $18, which is higher than average. But it’s 10-free, vegan, and very good quality. It has a Jelly finish, and takes 3 coats to be ALMOST fully opaque. I have 2 coats on here. In person, it looks like a deep wine red. A little plummy in some lights. It’s also SUPER shiny and lasts 5 days with Essie base coat. 👗 MINT essie - Enamel Nail Polish This polish is a cult classic. It’s opaque on 2 coats, but I recommend 3 coats (shown above) for the brightest look. It also lasts 5 days like Sundays. Only reason I removed a star is because it needs a top coat for maximum shine. To be fair, that might be an unfair comparison though. It’s hard to make opaque polishes as glossy as jelly ones. 👑 Accessories ~ Rose Gold & Opal clover phone ring by GreatQiQi on Amazon ~Mirror by Liz Claiborne ~Flower hair pin brand slips my mind 😅 Pretty sure it was by Elle or another brand at Ulta. ~Watch by Marc Jacobs 💎 Rose gold, silver, and other metals always feel in fashion. I blame it on smartphone colors. What color/accessory combos are popular where you’re from ?
Crystal Glass Nail File
MALVA BELLE-Crystal Glass Nail File