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Set Me Up Max Hold Gel
Herbal Essences

Set Me Up Max Hold Gel

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Perfect Damp Styling Routine 💁🏻‍♀️
Perfect Damp Styling Routine 💁🏻‍♀️
Damp styling is when you take moisture out of your hair before you add styling products to allow your hair to dry in almost half the time. This method might cause you to lose definition (only if you do it the wrong way) but will amp up your volume to the max. All of the products below can be interchanged for different ones but it’s important to use the same kind of product (foam, gel, mousse, etc).  This routine will help create volume without sacrificing definition. 1. dippity do - Girls with Curls Curl Boosting Mousse The first step before applying this product is add my leave in conditioner (or skip this step if my hair is feeling good) in the shower and squish to condish. This means to really mix the conditioner in your hair with water while scrunching to fully hydrate your fair. After this I like to wet plop in my shower cap (like I referred to in my previous post)  to help my hair absorb the conditioner and stay wet till I want to dry it. Then I take my microfiber towel and micro plop. This means to scrunch my hair with the towel to squeeze out any access water – but don’t be too generous with this step to keep your curl clumps you created in the shower intact. I apply this foam using the flip coat scrunch method that I described in my previous post (it’s exactly like it sounds). Foam is so important to use as your first step because it adds hydrating back into your hair with added hold but without the water weight. *this foam is found in Canada Walmart’s and some American 2.giovanni - L.a. Natural Styling Gel I add this after using the same exact method. This gel requires your hair to be damp so it works perfectly with this routine. *A pro tip is that everyone looks for Giovanni products at Winners and Marshalls which usually has a pretty good selection in the nature haircare section but most Safeway’s actually carry Giovanni products in their natural section! 3.Herbal Essences - Set Me Up Max Hold Gel I sometimes add another gel on top if I want extra hold. This step is not needed but I know the Giovanni gel is really hard to find for Canadians. *I’ve heard some people say this is discontinued but the twisted gel in the purple bottle is literally exactly the same. 4.eva·nyc - Mane Magic 10-in-1 Mousse Finally I finish with the eva nyc mousse. This is a very lightweight mousse that adds hold and hydration. I found this at Winners (Sally’s also carries it) but honestly any mousse works well instead. Like I mentioned above you can use this routine with honestly any products you want but make sure to follow the mousse/foam, gel, mousse/foam application method. Your results with voluminous with a whole lot of definition!
Girls with Curls Curl Boosting Mousse
dippity do-Girls with Curls Curl Boosting Mousse