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Pink Star Robe

Pink Star Robe

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Lash lift and tint : first time 😚👼🏻
Lash lift and tint : first time 😚👼🏻
Hi loves, I simply wanted to hop on Cherie to share my very first experience with lash tint and lift! I wasn’t super nervous but definitely excited and/or thrilled to try something new. I really enjoyed my time at the spa, even in situations like the one we’re in with the pandemic. The lady over there, the who did my treatment, was super sweet and kind. She gave me the right information and all the guidelines in order for my appointment to go well. It was a bit odd at first, sensation wise but it went super well and the results are to die for! Anywho, I hope you had a lovely Monday See you soon 👼🏻💓 (also my ig is @audrey_jpg) #lashlift #lashes #beauty #mascara #microblading #extensions #falselashes #tinting
CZ Round Stone Ear Cuff
ADINAS JEWELS-CZ Round Stone Ear Cuff