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Sunscreen Invisible Gel SPF 40

Sunscreen Invisible Gel SPF 40

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Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen Dupe!
Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen Dupe!
Following my review of the supergoop unseen sunscreen last week, I mentioned that I’d be reviewing a product that can be considered a dupe for it which is the Kroger - Sunscreen Invisible Gel SPF 40 . This is a chemical based sunscreen that uses the exact same uv filters as the supergoop one except the percentages are a bit different, 3% avobenzone, 11% homosalate, 5% octisalate, 10% octocrylene. 
The Kroger’s sunscreen feels and performs similarly to the supergoop but there are some differences that I’d like to note. The first is that they both have the same silicone-like gel texture except the Kroger’s one feels slightly creamier. This is probably because the Kroger’s one contains additional oils such as mineral oil and orange peel oil. This translates to the finish and feel as well which leads me to the second difference. Both sunscreens look and feel matte on the skin except the supergoop one sets completely and mattifies after a couple minutes. I don’t feel any residual film with the supergoop after it sets but the Kroger’s one still has a slippery/emollient feel even once it sets. But I can only feel it if I touch my skin. The third difference is that the Kroger’s one contains orange peel oil which gives it a citrus scent whereas the supergoop is fragrance free. Lastly, the Kroger’s one stung my eyes if applied around the eye area but I didn’t feel any stinging with the supergoop one. Reapplication was a breeze with both sunscreens as they didn’t disrupt the previous layers. Another similarity is that both didn’t make greasier throughout the day except you can start to feel the Kroger’s one a bit more than the supergoop towards the end of the day. There’s also no white cast either of these. 
Overall, even with the differences, the Kroger’s sunscreen is still a comparative dupe to the supergoop that isn’t a bad option to meet your sunscreen needs. It’s super affordable at only 11$ for 3oz. It would make a great body sunscreen as well. But if I had to choose between the two to repurchase, it would have to be the supergoop one as I prefer how it sets and performed on my skin more. Head to your local Kroger’s (only in US) to pick up yours if this interests you.
Sunscreen Invisible Gel SPF 40
Kroger-Sunscreen Invisible Gel SPF 40