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Serie Expert Curl Contour Shampoo

Serie Expert Curl Contour Shampoo

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Tips and Tricks for enhancing your waves!!
Tips and Tricks for enhancing your waves!!
As a hair stylist I come across many clients who struggle to style their wavy hair! Over the years I have picked up many tips and tricks to help my clients... Wavy hair tends to sit in a ‘S’ pattern, it bends and coils which can sometimes make it unmanageable, it can also appear fragile and dry. However, wavy hair is BEAUTIFUL! If your one of the lucky people to have this hair type, enjoy it! Trick 1: Use the correct products: The key with wavy hair is to use the correct products for your hair type. There are numerous shampoos and conditioners out there that are designed for your hair type. One of my favourites is Loreal Curl Contour Shampoo & Conditioner, it is perfect for moisturising and enhancing your curls. L'ORÉAL - Serie Expert Curl Contour Shampoo L'ORÉAL - Serie Expert Curl Contour Masque Another little trick I picked up is apply a curl enhancer to lightly towel dried hair, this will add moisture and give your curls a beautiful definition. My favourite is Kérastase Aura Botanica Crème de Boucles, it has a beautiful fragrance and it hydrates while giving beautiful curl definition. KÉRASTASE - Creme de Boucles - Curl Defining Cream To finish the hair simply apply some oil onto the hair to tame any frizz and add that last little bit of moisture to the hair. I always use Moroccan oil on my clients as it gives the hair a smoothness and shine without leaving it looking oil.  MOROCCANOIL - Moroccanoil Treatment Trick 2: Rinse your hair in cold water. Once you have shampooed and conditioned your hair rinse your hair in cold water for a few minutes, this will close the hair cuticle, and lock in all the moisture and ingredients from the shampoo and conditioner. Trick 3: Choose the right comb: The best comb for wavy hair is a wide tooth comb, this will avoid unnecessary pulling on the hair which may result in breakage. When combing always start at the ends and work towards the root area. Trick 4: Applying curl cream: When applying your curl product ensure that all the hair is covered. Take section sizes dependant on how large you want your waves (small sections – small waves and large sections – large waves). Tousle your hair around your finger, repeat this on all of your hair and allow to air dry.  Have a good hair day!!
Creme de Boucles - Curl Defining Cream
KÉRASTASE-Creme de Boucles - Curl Defining Cream