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How to create a wavy hairstyle with Milkshake Incredible Milk styling product?
How to create a wavy hairstyle with Milkshake Incredible Milk styling product?
I am sure you will agree with me on this... When you have fine, straight hair, getting any sort of style/wave in your hair is really difficult!!  I spent years curling my hair just for it to drop out a few hours later, no matter how much hairspray I used. So, I was so glad when GHD bought out a range of styling tongs/wands.  I discovered the GHD Creative Wandghd - Curve Creative Curl Wand when working in my previous salon, and it is the best styling tool I have ever used!! It allows me to create volume and body in my hair, which I cannot normally achieve.  To create this beautiful wavy hair style, you must first shampoo and condition your hair. I always prepare my hair with milk shakē - Incredible MilkMilkshake Incredible Milk; this is my all-time favourite styling product.  It has 12 benefits including heat protection, adding body & volume, detangling, giving shine and making any style last longer.  Also, it smells AMAZING! (Like Vanilla Milkshake)!! Once the hair is prepared, rough dry until your hair is completely dry, you can then start adding the waves... I always start on the bottom section of my hair, taking sections that are about an inch wide. I then move onto the 2 sides, and lastly the top section at the back, wrapping the hair around the wand from root to ends. Generally, I hold the wand on the hair for around 5-7 seconds.  Top Tips: For smaller waves, take smaller sections. Keep the wand vertical, pointing down. Keep your sections rough for a more natural look. ALWAYS USE HEAT PROTECTOR! This style normally takes me around 10-20 minutes to create and will generally last in my hair for 2-3 days, it is also a very popular hairstyle amongst my clients. It is perfect for an everyday style that’s low maintenance. 
Curve Creative Curl Wand
ghd-Curve Creative Curl Wand