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Unlimited Breathable Lasting Foundation SPF 24
375 Light Amber+
375 Light Amber+
784 Fair Beige
764 Medium Light Beige
754 Medium Beige
664 Medium Light Shell
574 Light Sand
564 Medium Light Sand
463 Medium Light Apricot
shu uemura

Unlimited Breathable Lasting Foundation SPF 24

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 Blast Combo! 👍 Tik Tok Flawless Brush Review
Blast Combo! 👍 Tik Tok Flawless Brush Review
shu uemura - Petal 55 Foundation Brush shu uemura - Unlimited Breathable Lasting Foundation SPF 24 This is called the flawless foundation brush and it just recently went blast on tiktock and I’m here to try it out, and share my first impressions and overall thoughts about this. One thing that’s amazing to notice here is that I have washed this many times and it still looks like new. The bristles have never fallen out. It has a 50,000 reviews on tiktok. I have this Shu umbra makeup on my had. and im gonna apply this foundation with their brush. I know that it doesnt have to the the same foundation. And it is not necessarily the case here. Since it is actually the brush that we are mainly reviewing. It just my theory and I always believe that same branding works way better than other combos. For the actually application process, I just blotting it all over my face (I also put some foundation on my neck just for the overall look). I put 2 pumps with this foundation and brush. It feels very soft when you actually applying. With bare fingers I normally put one pump, with makeup applicators like sponges and brushes, I found that they take away at least 1/3 of the product, so I normally apply more when using those tools. Similar to a sponge, I just blend the foundation with this brush all over my face. I kind of go a second layer with leftover on my hand and do that on the areas that I do not have enough coverage on my face. And I have to say, I am impressed. Comparing with beauty sponges, it absorbs less product. I was really surprised that there was no streaks at all. If the foundation is too thick, it might leave some streaks and you can press it with this brush to get rid of that. Overall this brush is way over my expectation and does an amazing job. It is not cheap but you can definitely found similar product on Amazon for a better deal.
Petal 55 Foundation Brush
shu uemura-Petal 55 Foundation Brush