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Long Lasting Nail Polish Infinite Shine 2
A Little Guilt Under The Kilt
A Little Guilt Under The Kilt
A Red-vival City
A-Rose at Dawn.. Broke by Noon
Addio Bad Nails, Ciao Great Nails (pale lavender shimmer)
All A'twitter In Glitter (iridescent rainbow glitter)
All Your Dreams in Vending Machines
Aloha from (bright coral)
Alpaca My Bags
Alpine Snow (fresh, crisp white)
Another Ramen-tic Evening
Aphrodite's Pink Nightie
Arigato from Tokyo
Aurora Berry Alis
Barefoot in Barcelona
Berry On Forever
Beyond Pale Pink
Big Apple Red
Black Onyx
Bling It On! (icy blue)
Bogota Blackberry
Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me
Bubble Bath
By Popular Vote
Cajun Shrimp
Can’t Be Beet!
Check Out The Old Geysirs
Chicago Champagne Toast
Chocolate Moose
Closer Than You Might Belem
Color So Hot it Berns
Complimentary Wine (burgundy)
Coral Chroma
Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey!
Crawfishin' for a Compliment
Defy Explanation
Do You Sea What I Sea? (shimmering ocean blue)
Don't Bossa Nova Me Around
Drama At La Scala (teal)
Dressed To The Wines (red-wine shimmer)
Dulche de Leche
Duomo Days, Isola Nights (deep sapphire blue)
Dutch Tulips
Edinburgh-er & Tatties
Engage-Meant to Be
Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet
Fall-Ing For Milan (bronze)
Feeling Optiprismic
Flashbulb Fuchsia
Follow Your Bliss
From Here To Eternity
Funny Bunny
Galleria Vittorio Violet (rich violet)
Gelato on My Mind
Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon
Gingerbread Man Can (shimmery brown)
Go to Grayt Lengths
Good Girls Gone Plaid
Got Myself Into A Jam-Balaya
Got The Blues for Red
Grabs the Unicorn by the Horn
Have Your Panettone & Eat It Too (burnt orange)
Heart And Coal (black glitter)
Hue is the Artist?
I Can Never Hut Up
In Pursuit Of Purple
Indefinitely Baby
Indignantly Indigo
It's A Girl
La Paz-itively Hot
Leonardo's Model Color (purple)
Less is Norse
Let's Take An Elfie (shimmery violet-purple)
Lisbon Wants Moor
Madam President
Made It To the Seventh Hill!
Made Your Look
Malaga Wine
Merry In Cranberry (berry fuchsia)
Mexico City Move-mint
Mod About You
Mural Mural on the Wall
My Address Is “Hollywood”
My Italian Is A Little Rusty (rich chestnut)
My Private Jet
Naughty Or Ice? (shimmery champagne)
Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-k
Never Give Up!
Nice Set of Pipes
No Turning Back From Pink Street
Not So Bora-Bora-ing Pink
Olive for Green
Olive for Pearls!
Optical Illus-sun
Orange You a Rock Star?
Patience Pays Off
Pearl of Wisdom
Pink Nightie
Pompeii Purple
Princesses Rule
Prismatic Fanatic
Purpletual Emotion
Puttin' On The Glitz (dark grey glitter)
Rainbows in Your Fuchsia
Raisin' The Bar
Red Heads Ahead
Red Square
Red-Y For The Holidays (velvety red)
Relentless Ruby
Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots
Running w/In-finite Crowd
Russian Navy
Samurai Breaks a Nail
Set In Stone
She Went On And On And On
Shorts Story
Silver On Ice
Snowfalling For You (pink pearlescent)
So You Sea What I Sea
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains
Staying Neutral
Steel Waters Run Deep
Stick It Out
Strong Coal-ition
Substantially Tan
Suzi Nails New Orleans
Suzi Needs a Loch-smith
Suzi Talks With Her Hands (steely gray)
Suzi-san Climbs Fuji-san
Suzi-san Climbs Fuji-san (emerald)
Suzi's Slinging Mezcal
Sweet Heart
Tanacious Spirit
Taupe-less Beach
Telenovela Me About It
The Beige Of Reason
The Latest and Slatest
The Runway (granite gray)
The Thrill of Brazil
Things I've Seen in Aber-green
This Color Hit All The High Notes (light pearly blue)
This Gold Sleighs Me (metallic gold)
This Shade Is Ornamental! (velvety rose pink)
Throw Me a Kiss
Tickle my France-y
Tinsel, Tinsel 'Lil Star (metallic silver)
Tiramisu for Two
To All A Good Night (shimmery midnight blue)
To Be Continued
To Infinity &Blue-yond
To The Finish Lime!
Turn On the Northern Lights
Two Timing the Zones
We’re In The Black
Yank My Doodle
Yes, My Condor Can-Do!
You Can Count On It
You Don't Know Jacques!
You Sustain Me
You're Blushing Again
You're Such A Budapest
You've Got Nata On Me
You've Got that Glas-glow
Your Lime to Shine

Long Lasting Nail Polish Infinite Shine 2

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What It IsOPI is the most preferred brand in the nail industry. The OPI Infinite Shine Primer is an amazing addition to your nails by providing more sticking power for lacquer application, less chipping upon wear, 60% higher gloss retention and 25% higher shine. This is the clear choice if you are interested in adding a product to enhance your nail performance. This product is a part of a three-step process that OPI Infinite Shine recommends to achieve amazing nails. When using OPI Infinite Shine Primer you will experience stronger nails and a longer lasting manicure. This product is another step to give nails that leave you speechless.
18 ingredients
Isopropyl Alcohol
Fungal Acne
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My favorite at home “gel” manicure!
My favorite at home “gel” manicure!
I’ve gotten so much better at painting my nails after not going into a salon in months, and this combo of products allows my manicure to last a full 2 weeks. I haven’t ventured into gel polishes that require a UV lamp, but the OPI Infinite Shine formula is the same quality. OPI - Infinite Shine Prostay Primer I had never used a nail primer, or even really a base coat, before trying this one, but I definitely feel like it helps the polish stick to the nail better. I’ve tried the infinite shine polish without the primer and my nails chipped much faster. OPI - Long Lasting Nail Polish Infinite Shine 2 this is the shade “engagement to be” which is described as a pale lilac, but appears more grayish purple in person. It’s a beautiful neutral shade and very glossy. The wide brush helps with easy application, and the formula is thick enough to not run, but still allow for buildable coverage through multiple coats. With this particular shade I use 3 coats, but most of the collection only requires 2 coats Seche - Vite Dry Fast Clear Top Coat Super quick drying but also super chip resistant! Makes my nails super glossy but isn’t thick or gummy at all. My nails dry significantly faster with this top coat than any other I’ve ever tried #cheriepartner
Infinite Shine Prostay Primer
OPI-Infinite Shine Prostay Primer
Retail worker approved nails! 🖤
Retail worker approved nails! 🖤
I work a full time retail job right now which makes wearing nail polish almost impossible. Just on truck day alone between unloading, sorting, and putting out product it can real havoc on the nails. Then you add in planograms (pretty much how you see things displayed in stores that includes everything from shelf placement, graphic strips, and products), tasking, and other odd jobs around the store it makes nail polish chip immediately. This is the only way I ever put on nail polish anymore because it works best for me. Step 1: Base Coat I always use a base coat! Base coats are almost the make up primers of the nail world. They help create a smooth base and insure your polish applies better. It also prevents the polish from staining your nails. When your polish chips constantly it’s important, to me, to not have that staining as you get really embarrassed when pointing things out to people and hoping they don’t see your stained nails. Currently I’m using the OPI - Infinite Shine Prostay Primer which applies clear and dries within a minute which I like because I get very impatient when painting my nails. Step 2: Polish I’ve used a lot of nail polish over the years but the brand I always find myself going back to is OPI. Between their color range, opacity, and how well they apply it’s just been a favorite. Currently I am using OPI - Long Lasting Nail Polish Infinite Shine 2 because I obviously have not put grown my emo phase 😂 You could get away with one coat if you really wanted but I tend to do two coats for full opacity. I’m very messy when it comes to painting my nails so I always have a cap full of nail polish remover and a pointed cue tip on hand to clean up the edges. I also always cap my nail polish by running the brush along the tip to help prevent chipping. The Infinite Shine line by OPI gives your nails a beautiful glossy look to them which I like. Step 3: Top Coat When I say you have to run out and buy this top coat I mean you have to run out and buy this top coat. I’ve tried so many over the years which have done nothing when it comes to chipping. I was watching Taylor Wynn on YouTube one day and she recommended the Seche - Gel Effect Top Coat and I fell in love. This creates a gel base over your nails that is very fast drying and you don’t need a lamp to cure it. It almost feels like a little protective bubble that encases your nails when you apply it. The picture I posted of my nails is over a week of having my nail polish on. Except for a chip in the middle from truck there have been very minimal chipping. Pretty much all you see is the regrowth on the bottom. I was absolutely shocked at how well this has kept my nail polish on. Usually at this point in the wear time I’ve started picking at the polish because it’s more than halfway gone. This gel top coat has reached holy grail status and I highly recommend this product to anyone!
Gel Effect Top Coat
Seche-Gel Effect Top Coat
Not a usual skincare, but I ju
Not a usual skincare, but I just wanted to share my love for the nail polish This is the Tokyo collection from OPI. Their Start to Finish allowed me to do my nails in the evening, which is really rare as no ordinary nail polish allows it to dry so quickly and to not chip for a week. The colours are just😍😍😍 How beautiful is that Rice Rice Baby shade, or this dreamy magical All your dreams in Vending Machines, and last but not least my personal fave How Does Your Zen Garden Grow? I felt like not only this collection emphasis the fast passed living of a city but also also you to look back into nature around you. 💜💜💜
Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops
OPI-Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops
Pumpkin Patch Inspo nails
Pumpkin Patch Inspo nails
The polishes I used are ranging between main stream big box and indie companies. OPI is usually very consistent, this orange is from their fall 2019 collection. It screams pumpkin orange to me and applies effortlessly. Cirque Colors has been one of my favourite indie brands, I love how interactive they are on IG. There was a learning curve to working with their polish but once you master it, they’re a dream to work with. I have to admit my bias with Holo Taco, as the brand creator, Cristine (Simplynailogical) is a idol of mine but she knows how to create great products. Orange drink is from her Rainbow Summer collection, while at the time I felt more pumpkin vibes than summer vibes, it reflects fall to me beautifully. It’s also is easy to work with. Linear holo polish can be thicker than the average polish do to the pigments they are trying to pack into it but, again, once you get the hang of it, it’s a solid polish to work with. Please check out my IG @_makeupkat
Long Lasting Nail Polish Infinite Shine 2
OPI-Long Lasting Nail Polish Infinite Shine 2
Your nail polish Zodiac ✨
Your nail polish Zodiac ✨
So I decided to have a little fun today and assign zodiac signs to my nail polish collection! It became a little hard when I realized all I owned was every shade of green, a few blues, and a few purples 😂 but we made it work! I’m really huge into the zodiac. I’m an Aries sun, Virgo moon, and Cancer rising. If you know your signs let me know below! Aries - Red and Gold. For this I chose the KL Polish Prince Cornelius as it’s a burnt red base (aka fire sign) with gold and silver suspended glitter. Taurus - Green earth tones. For this I chose Sinful Colors Electric Sage. To me Taurus’ seem chill until you get them to a certain point and they can be just as fiery as Aries. That’s why I choose a sage green with gold suspended glitter. Gemini - Top Coat/Transformer Polish. For this I chose Pacifica Crystal Gloss Top Coat in Milky Way. Just like Gemini’s have two sides this nail polish has two uses. You can use it as a beautiful holographic base coat or double up on layers for a beautiful purple opaque nail polish. Cancer - Grey. For this I chose KL Polish Graham. Most cancers I know in real life (including my ascending sign) are really moody so I chose Grey. Leo - Orange. For this I chose OPI Suzi Needs a Loch-Smith. Leo is a very bold and passionate fire sign. I chose orange for them as this bold color signifies that to me. Virgo - White. For this I chose OPI Alpine Snow. Virgo represents the virgin and white is what I think of. Libra - Gold. For this I chose OPI I Pull the Strings. Libras represent the scales which in my mind have always been gold. Scorpio - Black. For this I chose OPI Black Onyx. I feel like this is super cliche but there is no other sign I feel like black polish represents more than Scorpio (as much as I’d like it to be Aries 😂) Sagittarius - Blue. For this I chose KL Polish Cozy in There. Every Sag in my life is so nurturing, calm, and soothing. This pale denim blue is the most soothing shade I have in my collection. Capricorn - Earth tones. For this I chose OPI Things I’ve Seen in Aber-green. Capricorn is an earth sign so I choose a more brown green shade. Aquarius - Blue/Green shift. For this I chose OPI Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-k. Aquarius is the Water Bearer so naturally a blue green shift with suspended glitter to represent water seemed best. Pisces - Purple. For this I chose KL Polish Mozart. It seemed logical for Pisces to be a blue shade but I felt like it wasn’t quite right for them. Purple is still in the cool family but not stereotypical for a water sign.
7 Free Rainbow Gloss Top Coat
PACIfICA-7 Free Rainbow Gloss Top Coat
Always matching my nails to my products
Always matching my nails to my products
Matching my nails to my products has been one of my biggest missions after starting my beauty platforms, and honestly this has got to me my favorite one! A rose gold flakes matched peefectly with the glittery, pink, rosy Beautytech - Glow Food mist. I had my nails done shellac at a salon, almond shaped with a very simple mission to have gold flakes on a transparent neutral colour. The OPI - Long Lasting Nail Polish Infinite Shine 2 base shade used here was Bare my Soul- literally the most perfect nude/neutral transparent colour. The flakes were placed on top of the colour coat with a tweezer. The flakes actually come pretty large but they’re very fragile and break very easily so it was easy to place small pieces and have the pieces look irregular. A clear coat was then placed on top to seal the flakes in place. I got these done at the nail salon so she already had the flakes, but you can actually find gold/silver flakes on amazon. Tips: -Pick up the flakes with a tweezer and as they touch the wet nails, allow them to rip apart. -seal with one or two layers of top coat and buff out the nails if needed to flatten the flakes if theyre not completely submerged in polish. #cheriepartner
Glow Food
Beautytech-Glow Food