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Enamel Nail Polish
A Cut Above
A Cut Above
A Touch Of Sugar
A-Game (cream finish)
After School Boy Blazer
Angora Cardi
Any-Fin Goes
Around The Bend
Bachelorette Bash
Baguette Me Not (lilac)
Bahama Mama
Balancing Act
Ballet Slippers
Bare My Love
Bare with Me (apricot w/ gray cast)
Beachy Keen
Bed Rock & Roll
Below Zero
Berry Naughty
Berry Nice
Bikini So Teeny
Birthday Girl
Blanc (pure snowy white)
Bustling Bazaar
Butler Please
Can't hardly weight (cream finish)
Check In To Check Out
Check Your Baggage
Cherry On Top
Chinchilly (sleek granite gray)
Claim To Fame
Cliff Hanger
Clothing Optional
Come Out To Clay
Congrats! (opalescent confetti glitter)
Crunch Time
Cute As A Button
Daily Hustle
Daytime dreamer (cream finish)
Gloss Fit (sheer finish)
Don't Be Choco-Late (creamy mid-tone brown)
Drive In & Dine (raspberry cream)
E-nuf is E-nuf (creamy coral)
Eternal Optimist
Find Me An Oasis
Flowerista (passionate plum dahlia)
Flying Solo (creamy pink)
For The Twill Of It
Forever Yummy (creamy tango red)
Free to Roam (light pastel pink)
Gadget-Free (gunmetal gray metallic)
Garden Variety (teal blue orchid)
Generation Zen (mauve taupe gray)
Get A Psy-Kick Out Of It (vivid magenta w/electric violet flash)
Glow The Distance (champagne gold)
Glowing strong (cream finish)
Go Ginza (light pink)
Go Go Geisha (antique blossom pink)
Go With The Flowy (dove gray)
Going Steady (ivory shimmer)
Good as Gold (gold metallic)
Good lighting (cream finish)
Gorge-ous Geodes (holographic copper metallic nail w/coral overtones)
Got It Golding On
Guchi Muchi Puchi
Happy Medium (hot pink w/electric violet flash)
Hi Maintenance
Imported Bubbly
In a Blush (cream finish)
In Full Swing
In Plane View (deep milky teal)
In Stitches
In the Balance (shimmer finish)
Indi-go for it! (cream finish)
Into The A-Bliss (dirty pink mauve)
It's Mercury (multi-dimensional green)
It's Not You (glistening gold)
Kaf-tan (earthy nude)
Keen On Sheen (radiant rose gold)
Kimono-over (damsom plum)
Lady Like
Laven-dearly (sheer finish)
Less is Aura (beige nude)
Licorice (jet black)
Lighten The Mood (ivory white dusted w/ sienna undertones)
Like A Rebel (neutral mauve nude w/ gold pearl shimmer)
Loving Hue (shimmer finish)
Mani Thanks (shimmering champagne gold)
Marshmallow (cloudy sheer white)
Mauve-tivation (cream finish)
Merino Cool
Metallic 158 Steal the Lead Silver
Mind-Full Meditation (dusky apricot beige nude)
Minimalistic (barely there pink)
Minimally Modest (sheer finish)
Mint Candy Apple
Mint condition (cream finish)
Mosaic on Down (gold shimmer)
Mrs Always-Right (terracotta rose)
Nailed It! (deep burgundy red)
No Place Like Chrome
No Shade Here (vivid hot pink)
Nude Mood
Of-Quartz (holographic sandy nude metallic)
Off Tropic (grove green)
On Mute (hushed charcoal gray)
On the mauve (cream finish)
One Way For One (gold frosted pink)
Peach Side Baqe (peach coral)
Penny Talk
Pep In Your Rep (ecstatic bronze gold)
Perfect 10 (gold shimmer)
Petal Pushers (smoky stone rose)
Pin Me Pink (bubblegum pink)
Pinked To Perfection (cream finish)
Play Date
Power punch pink (cream finish)
Press Pause (light gray w/ blue tint)
Pret a Surfer (immersive marine blue)
Reach New Heights (shimmering pearl peach)
Right hooked (cream finish)
Rock Your World (holographic silver metallic w/ivory overtones)
Rocky Rose (terracotta nude cream)
S'il Vous Play (metallic pink)
Sand Tropez
Satin Slip (soft rose pink w/ sheer finish)
Seas The Day
See The Light (shimmer finish)
Semi-Precious Tones (holographic champagne gold)
Serene Slate (stone nickel gray)
Set In Sandstone (yellow-toned coral)
She's Pampered (indulgent red)
Sheer Luck (sheer pink)
Sheers To You (sheer finish)
Skinny Dip (light peach pink sheer)
Smokin' Hot (smoky gray)
Soul Happy
Souq up the Sun (creamy coral)
Spice it Up (burnt red)
Splash of Grenadine
Stop, Look & Glisten (holographic charcoal gray metallic)
Strike a Rose
Sugar Daddy (sheer sweet pink)
Suits You Swell
Summer-Sault (red shimmer)
Summit Of Style
Sunday Funday
Sunny Business
Talk To The Sand
Tangoed in love
Tart Deco
The Best-Est (cool gray)
Throw In The Towel
Time to unwind (shimmer finish)
Tinted Love (sheer finish)
Tonal Taupe (shimmer finish)
Tone It Up (cream finish)
Topless & Barefoot
Topless & Barefoot (soft beige pink)
Treat me bright (sheer finish)
Tuck it in My Tux (sheer white)
Turquoise & Caicos (aqua green)
UV Got Me Faded
Vanity Fairest (sheer pastel pink)
Watermelon (juicy red)
Wicked Fierce (deep dark blackened red w/ duo chrome shimmer)
Wild Card (matte sapphire blue)
Wild Nude
Winning Streak (dark purple w/ a grayish tone)
Wire-Less is More (dusky rose quartz pink)
Without a Stitch (clean light gray)
Without Reservations (shimmering pearl plum)
Work for the glow (shimmer finish)
Yes, I Canyon (burnt orange)
You Do Blue (periwinkle blue)
You're A Catch
You're A Gem (holographic neutral mauve purple w/chocolate brown)

Enamel Nail Polish

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What It IsEssie Game Theory Matte Collection: Are you ready for a high stakes game of love? This season bring your best hand and let the games begin. The only way to win one's heart is by going all in, but that doesn't mean you should reveal your ace of shades and surrender your wild card just yet.
24 ingredients
Hydrating, Soothing
Isopropyl Alcohol
Fungal Acne
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guess I'm just a PLAY DATE  to you
guess I'm just a PLAY DATE to you
This shade is called Play date, which I think is an adorable name for a nail paint. It is a really pretty purple polish. You just need 2 coats for an ultimate finish. I love to top it off with Essie gel top coat.
Enamel Nail Polish
essie-Enamel Nail Polish
job interview nails 💼 marshmellow+mademoiselle
job interview nails 💼 marshmellow+mademoiselle
These are two of my oldest nail polishes, and holy grails. From super pale to deep, these colors seem to match every skin tone. AND a plus with the Mademoiselle (sheer pearl) shade is that it’s so sheer, it almost gives your nails a faded french mani look. 💅🏼 NAIL DETAILS 💅🏼 NAIL SHAPE: Squoval / rounded Basically, a polished version of your natural nail shape will always look professional. Square and almond nails can fit creative and fashion industries~ Rounded plays it safe. And gosh I love stiletto nails! But those might be best when you already have the job. COLORS: essie - Enamel Nail Polish (Sheer pearl nude) essie - Enamel Nail Polish (Sheer white) Both are $8.99 for 0.46 fl oz. Mademoiselle is the YNBB (your nails but better) polish. Here, I’m wearing 3 coats of it. It’s far from opaque, but gives my nails a blurry shine. It makes the white ends of your nails blend in the rest of it like a fake ombre at a glance. I couldn’t recommend it more. Marshmallow is a beautiful sheer off-white. I built it up to nearly full opacity with 3 coats, but 2 coats will look like a wash of color. I put 4 stars instead of 5 because it can be a little patchy- So you have to go over it in a way that will even it out. POLISH TYPE: Regular nail polish that’s mostly dry in 10 minutes. Dry enough to survive your fingers brushing on it, but not a hit. Give it a drying boost with a top coat like Sally Hansen - Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat 🌑 DESIGN IDEAS TO SPRUCE IT UP 🌑 These colors make the perfect base for job interview nails. You can complement it with tones like Burgundy Black Grey Forest green Navy Blue Mauve ... for a sophisticated, serious look. It can be hard to predict what kind of nail polish designs will fly depending on your job interview. But here are some ideas that at least give off a mature, confident vibe: Standard French Mani (I’ve never seen it fail) Gradient nails Geometric shapes 🌺 BONUS TIP: You can also add nail accents / colors to match the job’s brand. So for example, I wore the Orange in the last pic for an Orange and Blue brand I applied to once. I kept it from being to loud by just keeping it short. What nail looks are popular for jobs in your area ? Do you work in an industry with unique nail looks?
Enamel Nail Polish
essie-Enamel Nail Polish
Key to long nails
Key to long nails
While I think my “ability” to grow really long, strong natural nails is largely due to my diet and hormones, there are some tips I want to share that can benefit anyone. -a mineral-rich diet, including lots of vegetables like kale and spinach for calcium, calcium supplements if needed (you can get yummy chocolate flavored chews) and honestly this my hack- tap water. Where I live, the coty is basically built over a bed of limestone which is known to be a good source of caliated rock, and I think that affects the water supply, so I get even more calcium in my diet. 😈 -this may be a no brainer- but pinch with your fingers- not your nails. I feel like we all know this, but for so long I was picking this up with my nails, and just applying too much pressure on my nails when cleaning for example. Channel that pressure into your fingertips and your nails will break much less. -I find that rounding my nails or giving them an almond shape makes less round for breakage too. When theyre squared and have corners, I always found hitting them against a surface would break the nail at its corner, so when I gave my nails softer edges this stopped happening. -lastly, i use an amazing top coat- essie - No Chips Ahead Top Coat it’s seriously amazing at strengthening your nails and keeping them hard as rocks (or nails if you like the pun) and is largely why I think my nails dont break, and are able to grow longer. I use this too coat over top of all my nail polish looks, and even if I’m not wearing any nail polish, I’ll still apply this as a clear coat. Let me know of other wqys you grow your nails, I hate when mine break 😭 #cheriepartner
Enamel Nail Polish
essie-Enamel Nail Polish
3 Most Common Nail Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid &How To Fix Them!
3 Most Common Nail Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid &How To Fix Them!
Since the pandemic started, I’ve had to do my own nails more often. My go-to nail salon has been closed for months. DIY manicures can be a little annoying if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m telling you my mistakes so you can learn from what I did wrong. My Top 3 Nail Mistakes: 1. Only using one coat of polish I’m the first to admit it, I can be pretty lazy, but one coat of nail polish just doesn’t cut it. I know doing two coats takes more effort and adds to the drying time, but it’s so worth it in the end. 2. Not focusing enough on nail care Nail care is a game-changer! You need to buff, file, and cut your nails before applying polish to get the best results. Buffing really helps smooth out any ridges or inconsistencies on the nail bed. 3. Using a bad top & base coat Do you know that glossy top coat you get from at salons that makes your nails look super shiny and perfect? I didn’t use to care about which base or topcoat I used. I would just use the cheapest one available at the drug store. What a mistake! My Must-Try Nail Products: ●     Seche Vite Base & Top Coat - The Sechevete base and top coats give you that salon-worthy shine you want from a DIY mani. Plus, it helps dry the nails super fast so you can get on with your day! ●     Nail Buff - This thing was only $1, and it’s helped transform the way I give myself manicures! ●     A glass nail file - Did you know glass nail filers are supposed to be healthier for your natural nails? The Final Look I did this fun look for the 4th of July! I filed and buffed my nails with the white buffer and topped them with two coats of my favorite nail polishes by Essie!    
Enamel Nail Polish
essie-Enamel Nail Polish
🤍 how to make your mani last 🤍
🤍 how to make your mani last 🤍
with current events, i’m doing my nails more at home than ever before! here’s a couple tips i’ve found to prolong the life of my at-home manicure. 1. tools I use are clippers, cuticle pusher, and cuticle cutter. tbh, I don’t trim my cuticles as often as i did before, i find its better to let them do their own thing. but if you want to, there’s a lot of ways to do so. 2. a HUGE step for me is to make sure there’s no cracks in my brittle nails. if there are, I have to cut down to where that is, if possible. otherwise my nails will bend and break there anyway, causing my manicure to not last. 3. I trim, shape, and buff my nails. 4. I apply my nail polish. ordinarily I’d start with a base coat, but in my recent move I lost mine. I love this shade by essie - Enamel Nail Polish in “east hampton cottage”. i picked it up at tjmaxx and it’s one of my favorite colors ever. 5. top coat is a must! this one by OPI - OPI Top Coat is so shiny and makes my polish look and feel like gel! one layer is plenty. all done!! I also like to finish off with some rosehip oil if I can remember lol. doing my nails at home is really gratifying and I love saving money by achieving my dream manicure myself! 🤍 #cheriecreator #cheriepartner
Enamel Nail Polish
essie-Enamel Nail Polish
🙅Don't waste your money on these big brands! Least Favorite Nail Polishes ever!
🙅Don't waste your money on these big brands! Least Favorite Nail Polishes ever!
While I love giving myself a DIY manicure, I’ve had some serious “misses” when it comes to picking out the best nail polish. I generally don’t have any nail problems. They grow pretty quick and don’t break easily, so I don’t have to worry about finding products with strengthening formulas. However, I do enjoy playing around with different colors and trying as many brands as I can.  I’m sharing two of my biggest nail polish flops!  1. The Best-Est Polish by Essie: First, I LOVE Essie polishes usually. I get why they are hyped. However, this shade didn’t work for me at all. It’s a pale grey/purple color in the bottle. I don’t have an issue with the color, it’s the formula that drives me crazy. It’s so hard to work with because it’s so streaky! Essie polishes usually cost around $8, depending where you shop. It has the classic ‘nail polish’ smell, which I don’t really mind to be honest. I’m used to it by now!  2. The OPI Top Coat: I have a love/hate relationship with OPI nail products. I have some colors that I absolutely love and some that I threw right in the trash after one use. Their top coat was a miss for me. I don’t know why but this stuff does not last on my nails! It takes so long to dry and my nails chipped within two days after I used it. The funny thing is that the OPI base coat that works with the top coat is great! I’ll continue to use the base coat but I’ll be passing along this polish. This polish costs $9 and actually doesn’t smell that bad!  Both OPI and Essie are known for being “3-free,” meaning they don't contain possibly toxic ingredients. These polishes are far from being all-natural, but at least it’s something! 
Enamel Nail Polish
essie-Enamel Nail Polish