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No Chips Ahead Top Coat

No Chips Ahead Top Coat

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What It Islong live color! no chips ahead protects color against fading, resists chips and peeling, this high-gloss top coat extends manicures.for more than 35 years, essie has been the ultimate color authority offering a line of superior nail polishes. the trendsetting shades with an exclusive award winning formula are always classic, chic, sassy and elegant. apply 1 coat as a protective top coat following application of essie base coat and essie nail color. Caution: keep from heat or flame.
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Key to long nails
Key to long nails
While I think my “ability” to grow really long, strong natural nails is largely due to my diet and hormones, there are some tips I want to share that can benefit anyone. -a mineral-rich diet, including lots of vegetables like kale and spinach for calcium, calcium supplements if needed (you can get yummy chocolate flavored chews) and honestly this my hack- tap water. Where I live, the coty is basically built over a bed of limestone which is known to be a good source of caliated rock, and I think that affects the water supply, so I get even more calcium in my diet. 😈 -this may be a no brainer- but pinch with your fingers- not your nails. I feel like we all know this, but for so long I was picking this up with my nails, and just applying too much pressure on my nails when cleaning for example. Channel that pressure into your fingertips and your nails will break much less. -I find that rounding my nails or giving them an almond shape makes less round for breakage too. When theyre squared and have corners, I always found hitting them against a surface would break the nail at its corner, so when I gave my nails softer edges this stopped happening. -lastly, i use an amazing top coat- essie - No Chips Ahead Top Coat it’s seriously amazing at strengthening your nails and keeping them hard as rocks (or nails if you like the pun) and is largely why I think my nails dont break, and are able to grow longer. I use this too coat over top of all my nail polish looks, and even if I’m not wearing any nail polish, I’ll still apply this as a clear coat. Let me know of other wqys you grow your nails, I hate when mine break 😭 #cheriepartner
Enamel Nail Polish
essie-Enamel Nail Polish