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Brush Set 9 pieces

Brush Set 9 pieces

DetailFabulous 9 piece brush set perfect for makeup application from beginning to end. Brush 08 This brush is ideal for finishing off your makeup application with a gentle dusting of blush and/or finish powder/translucent powder. Brush 04 Suitable for the creases on the eye lid. Lines and for application of Semi Permanent Eye Brow Gel. Also good for angle liners. Brush 11 Gives fantastic and easy eyeshadow application. It is every makeup artist dream eyeshadow brush. Makes the concealer/corrector application easier. Brush 25 Enables you to blend the eyeshadow colors on the eye area beautifully Brush 01 Great for eyeliner application. It provides precise results. Brush 03 Eyeshadow brush ideal for blending corners. Brush 27 This brush is your go to brush for blush application and contouring. Brush 16 Specially crafted brush designed for our Semi Permanent Eyebrow Gel Brush 10 Perfect for lipsticks.