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Face Serum
Hemp Night - anti-blemish
Hemp Night - anti-blemish
Grapefruit - glow
Mushroom - protecting
Lychee - ultra moisturizing

Face Serum

2.9( 55 Ratings )
What It IsA line of face serums each formulated with a different targeted benefit.
What Else You Need to KnowThese serums are easy to apply and release their full benefits throughout the day and night. Each super-vegetal ingredient is carefully selected for their content and cosmetic properties. Additionally, 96 percent of the ingredients in each serum is of natural origin.* - Hemp: Helps restore skin's comfort. - Grapefruit: Known to support the radiance of dull and tired-looking skin. - Mushroom: Protects the skin through hydration. - Lychee: Contains hydrating properties and supports the skin's radiance. *The calculation of percent of ingredients of natural origin includes water.
23 ingredients
Glyceryl Oleate
Fungal Acne
Butylene Glycol
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Sephora Face Serum Not Worth It
Sephora Face Serum Not Worth It
This face serum is the “grapefruit” one, which is supposed to give your skin a glow. It’s part of a “super vegetable” range. I’ve also tried the mushroom serum which I’ll be reviewing soon. This serum is apparently ideal for normal, dry, combination, and oily skin. It also claims to target pores, dryness, and oiliness. It’s meant to provide radiance to those with dull skin. I purchased this because I’m all about face serums and glowy skin. The fact that this retails for $12 drew me in. I’m always hoping to come across affordable skincare but I think this one might be a miss. SEPHORA COLLECTION - Face Serum I like the grapefruit smell of this product but to dispense this serum is a nightmare. It comes with a small pump but the pump (the actuator) shoots the product out so fast that it sprays all over and you lose product; It’s not ideal. I actually unscrew the top and add drops to my palms straight from the dip tube. This is overall a light-weight serum but more on the watery side. Aside from the dispensing issue the product smells nice and does give a temporary instant glow. I would avoid it if you’re sensitive to fragrances. I have yet to notice any significant, lasting changes but the glow it gives to your skin after application isn’t too bad. This hasn’t caused any breakouts but I’m also not sensitive to many products, thankfully. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling too tacky either. Despite it being only $12 CAD I will not repurchase this serum.
Face Serum