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All-Over Solid Cleanser
Cactus - helps to retain skin's moisture
Cactus - helps to retain skin's moisture
Charcoal - exfoliates the skin thanks to its porous surface
Coconut Milk - vitamins and sugars soften and nourish the skin
Spirulina - hydrates skin with proteins, vitamins and nutrients

All-Over Solid Cleanser

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What It IsA line of all-over soap cleansers that clean and take care of your skin—available in smooth or exfoliating textures.
What Else You Need to KnowThese bar soaps are hydrating, comforting, smoothing, and purifying. Sephora Collection’s solid face and body cleansers deliver the full power of fruits and plants for squeaky-clean-looking skin. - Coconut Milk: Contains vitamins and sugars to visibly soften and nourish the skin. - Spirulina: Hydrates. - Charcoal: Exfoliates and lifts dirt and impurities. - Watermelon: Known for its vitamin content and thirst-quenching properties.
17 ingredients
Sodium Chloride
Exfoliating, Comedogenic
Propylene Glycol
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Sephora solid cleanser!🧼🚿✨
Sephora solid cleanser!🧼🚿✨
How cute are these! I was looking up the Sephora collection brand for fun when I spotted these. It says it’s a cleanser for face and body. There’s 4 different types, coconut 🥥 for nourishing, cactus 🌵 for exfoliating, spirulina 🌾for moisturizing and charcoal ✨ for exfoliating. I picked up coconut and cactus. They’re $4 each so not super expensive. I used them twice so far and they only shrunk a little but I’m guessing I can use these several more times. They’re fun to use and I definitely want to try out the other scents. I didn’t use on my face FYI. Maybe I’ll try the coconut one on my face but idk about the cactus. Also another plus, they didn’t irritate my dry sensitive skin! Coconut 🥥 cleanser: it felt really nice in the shower. And while using it I felt my skin getting moisturized. It smells like yummy creamy coconut but not super heavy scented. Cactus 🌵 cleanser: I don’t recommend using this one on your face, when they say it exfoliates, it really exfoliates! It was a little tougher than I thought so be careful on rubbing it too hard since I did that and it left the spot a little red. Besides that it felt really nice on my skin. It smells really nice and fresh. SEPHORA COLLECTION - All-Over Solid Cleanser
All-Over Solid Cleanser
SEPHORA COLLECTION-All-Over Solid Cleanser