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Color Craze Nail Polish
CNP401 Voltage
CNP401 Voltage
CNP402 Energy Source
CNP403 Mega Watt
CNP406 Hot Blooded
CNP407 Power Outage
CNP409 Live
CNP411 Transformer
CNP412 Circuits
CNP415 Magnetic Force
CNP417 Nuclear Energy
CNP418 Fuel
CNP420 Atomic
CNP421 Static Electricity
CNP422 Lightning
CNP424 Wired
CNP425 Seashell
CNP427 Summertime
CNP428 Palm Tree
CNP435 Moody Red
CNP436 Fiji Purple
CNP439 Tropical Storm
CNP441 Sassy Sparkle
CNP444 Treasure Island
CNP445 Glistening Purple
CNP446 Sparkling Diamonds
CNP447 Jewel Tone
CNP448 Aqua Crystals
CNP462 Cactus
CNP472 Black Pearl
CNP504 Sea Foam
CNP505 Pink Bubbles
CNP508 Aquatic
CNP509 Flicker
CNP511 Electra
CNP513 Scream
CNP516 Absolute
CNP525 La Creme
CNP528 Bliss
CNP529 Lost Soul
CNP533 Hysteria
CNP534 Hottie
CNP537 Frill
CNP539 In a Flash
CNP540 Animated
CNP541 Candy Sprinkles
CNP542 Cocktail
CNP543 Glitter Bomb
CNP544 Dizzy
CNP545 Broken Hearted
CNP548 Confetti
CNP549 Dazzle
CNP553 Razzle
CNP611 Nectarine
CNP612 Purple
CNP613 Beach
CNP614 Dimple
CNP617 Gloomy
CNP618 Orchid
CNP619 Simply
CNP622 Berry
CNP625 Fig
CNP628 Pumpin Pink
CNP630 Lime Life
CNP635 Bam
CNP637 So Famous
CNP64 Adventure
CNP643 Wonderland
CNP644 Frou Frou
CNP645 Fruity

Color Craze Nail Polish

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Three vintage nail polishes I wanna show you!
Three vintage nail polishes I wanna show you!
Hello, I am showing you an old swatch of a beautiful vintage nail polish that I got last week. Versace v2077 vintage nail polish is a very sought after vintage gem. I haven’t seen many of them around, but google showed me that there has been one listed on eBay for $140. To be fair, it is unclear if the item actually sold. Unfortunately mine is certainly not worth nearly as a new and unopened boxed Versache would be. Mine is actually slightly used store tester. Nevertheless, a great second hand find. Versace v2077 is a black polish full of original unicorn pee pigment. It is a very old polish, I would guess from end of 99’s or early 00’s. Compared to all my other unicorn pee polishes, this certainly has been the hardest to capture. In addition, the vibrant duo chrome effect visible in the bottle isn’t that obvious on the nail. From normal distance, it’s pretty much just a normal black polish. Furthermore, it bloody chipped the next day! Overall this is a lovely polish, but it wasn’t as stunning as one would expect considering the hype. Excuse the short nail swatches -I swatched this a couple of weeks ago just after cutting my nails down. The second one is Hollywood is a red nail polish with creme finish. On the swatches I am wearing two coats with no top coat. The application of this polish was great, the finish was quite sheer, there was some visible nail line. Overall I think this red is just perfect, I don’t often wear red (especially lipstick!) but decided to pair this gorgeous polish up with a red lipstick I had sitting in my make-up bag. I purchased another red polish over the weekend, a red glitter topper by L.A. COLORS - Color Craze Nail Polishcalled Broken Hearted. It’s a mixture of iridescent orange shreds, iridescent blue and orange tiny hex in a sheer red jelly base. Broken Hearted was easy to apply but did not smell very nice. There was enough glitter applied with only one coat. On the swatches I am wearing it under Poshe fast drying top coat. ( I purchased L.A. Colors Broken Hearted from my local Boyes for just £1 :) Do u like it?
Color Craze Nail Polish
L.A. COLORS-Color Craze Nail Polish
Fall Nails
Fall Nails
Base coat: Nail Aid Keratin 3 day growth Orange: Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Sun Kissed Black: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Black Heart Red: Sally Hansen Sour Patch in The Un Red Glitter Topper: LA Color Craze in Dizzy? Top coat: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
Color Craze Nail Polish
L.A. COLORS-Color Craze Nail Polish
Glitter Nails
Glitter Nails
Not the best work on my nails but it is pretty. Need to clean them up a bit more but just wanted to share this. Next week I will be doing Thanksgiving Nails.
Color Craze Nail Polish
L.A. COLORS-Color Craze Nail Polish
Clearly everything that glitters is not.. silver
Clearly everything that glitters is not.. silver
Full review coming soon...
Color Craze Nail Polish
L.A. COLORS-Color Craze Nail Polish