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E59 Tapered Bronzer Brush

E59 Tapered Bronzer Brush

What It IsA soft brush with a rounded head for applying bronzer just where you want it. Use it to apply bronzer in a “3E” pattern for a softer contoured look. It’s also great for applying brush or powder. Full Length: 7 1/2" Bristle Type: Synthetic
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LET’S TALK BRONZER: Give me glow all year round!
LET’S TALK BRONZER: Give me glow all year round!
Want to achieve a bronzy glow all year long? Keep reading! Bronzer is a great product that gives you that vacay glow! It comes in many forms but all give you that beautiful bronze. However, if you’ve never used this product before, there is a potential to go overboard and you’ll end up like a new cast member of the Jersey Shore show. (No shade at all! LOVE THE JERSEY SHORE! But the overuse of bronzer makes them all look like Oompa Loompas.) I’m going to give you the 411 on the types , how to apply them and which ones I think are the best. Make sure you cheer and follow me for more tips and tricks! Types: Powder: most typical and most beginner friendly. However be aware of the undertones! If you don’t pick the right one that matches your undertones, it will be an orangey mess. Use a big dome like bronzer brush like the MORPHE - E59 Tapered Bronzer Brushfor a nice diffused look. Of course, everyone knows the “3” bronzer application where you basically blend the bronzer on your face in a formation like the shape of the no 3. Cream/Stick: very natural looking and little bit intermediate. Best applied and blended out using a beauty blender. Pick up the product from the balm or stick using the blender and then applying it directly to the face with the blender. I wouldn’t necessarily apply this following the no 3 shape. I would focus this product on the perimeters of my face and blend using a damp beauty blender. Liquid: I have never used this form of bronzer before. It’s definitely something that I never though existed until I did my bronzer research. I would assume you would apply this like a cream bronzer. But lmk in the comments if you’ve ever used a liquid bronzer before. I’ll add your insights to my post and tag you in it. 😄 Best of the best: Powder: I think I’ve done a post on both of these but I love the PHYSICIANS FORMULA - Murumuru Butter Bronzerand the benefit - Hoola Matte Bronzer. Both give wonderful diffused bronze glows and won’t give you a orangey look. Cream/Stick: The most recognizable cream bronzer would have to be the CHANEL - SOLEIL TAN DE Bronzing Makeup Base. Everyone who has it raves about it. But a $50.00 price tag is not for everyone. So thankfully #Sol body - Bronzing balm[products]#has been rumored to be a great more affordable dupe for the Chanel counterpart. It’s about $15.00 but Colourpop is having a sale right now so you can get it for 30% off. Liquid: Like I said before, I’ve never used this type of bronzer. But after doing some research bareMinerals - barePro Glow Liquid Bronzercame up when I was trolling Ulta. It has 4/5 ⭐️ on Ulta. It seems promising but I couldn’t tell you from experience of this is bomb or not. Hopefully someone in the comments will speak on liquid bronzers. Hope this was helpful! I love talking about makeup products and simplifying them as it can be overwhelming. Until tomorrow, Xoxo 💋 #CherieCreator
E59 Tapered Bronzer Brush
MORPHE-E59 Tapered Bronzer Brush