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Firm Thickstick Foundation Face Makeup
Almond (medium light, neutral undertones)
Almond (medium light, neutral undertones)
Apple Strudel (medium, warm yellow undertones)
Birthday Cake (light, cool pink undertones)
Biscuit (medium, cool pink undertones)
Brown Sugar (deep,warm red undertones)
Butter (medium light, warm yellow undertones)
Butterscotch (medium, neutral undertones)
Café (medium dark, warm golden undertones)
Cappuccino (medium dark, warm peach undertones)
Cinnamon (medium dark, neutral undertones)
Coconut (medium, warm golden undertones)
Coffee (very deep, neutral undertones)
Cookie (medium, warm golden undertones)
Crème Brulee (medium light, neutral undertones)
Crème Fraîche (neutral undertone) / #e9ba86
Custard (light, warm yellow undertones)
Dulce de Leche (medium dark, warm golden undertones)
Espresso (very deep, cool violet undertones)
French Toast (medium light, warm peach undertones)
Froth (very fair, neutral undertones)
Ganache (very deep, warm golden undertones)
Hazelnut (deep,warm golden undertones)
Honey (light, neutral undertones)
Hot Cocoa (very deep, cool violet undertones)
Latte (medium, neutral undertones)
Macaroon (medium light, cool pink undertones)
Meringue (very fair, warm yellow undertones)
Milk (very fair, warm peach undertones)
Mocha (very deep, warm red undertones)
Muffin (medium, cool pink undertones)
Nutmeg (deep, warm peach undertones)
Pecan (deep, neutral undertones)
Praline (medium dark, cool pink undertones)
Pudding (light, warm peach undertones)
Salted Caramel (medium dark, neutral undertones)
Smore (deep, neutral undertones)
Sugar (fair, warm peach undertones)
Tiramisu (deep, neutral undertones)
Toffee (medium dark, neutral undertones)
Vanilla (fair, cool pink undertones)

Firm Thickstick Foundation Face Makeup

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Why It's SpecialIt’s makeup that almost doesn’t look or feel like, you know,  makeup . Each foundation stick is super-portable and multi-purpose. Pick one that’s a few shades darker than your perfect match, and it works as a contour stick. A few shades lighter and, voila!, you have a concealer. We reformulated these over and over (and over) to be sure they didn’t turn ashy or mask-like on any shade of skin.
What It IsOur soft, flattering foundation sticks come in 40 true shades that glide on the skin to give medium coverage and a dewy finish. Firm Flesh sticks are multipurpose and an A+ complement to Pure Flesh Liquid Foundation: they let you cover, conceal, and contour on your own terms. Bonus points: the sticks also work great as an under-eye brightener and eye shadow primer.
Usage TipsFirst, identify a group of shades within your skin tone.  Then, find your undertone. If you see… Hints of pink, blue or violet you’re COOL (hey, cool) Hints of peach, yellow, golden or orange-red you’re WARM (that’s hot) None of the above? You’re NEUTRAL (Namaste) Voila, select your match! If you are still not sure you can drop us a line at hi@fleshbeauty.com . For concealer: Pick a stick that’s two or three shades lighter than your foundation. For under-eye brightening: Choose a shade few shades lighter than your foundation. Go for a shade with yellow undertones if you’re looking to brighten and visibly help any purple under eye coloring, and a shade with peachy undertones if you’re in the market to visibly correct any blue/green under eye hues. For eye shadow primer: Use your foundation shade, or use Froth (01) if a brighter pop of color or a cut crease is your thing. For contour: Choose a darker shade based on the guide below and apply to the hollows of your face, then blend like crazy. Shades 1-3, use 13 Shades 4-12, use 25  Shades 13-21, use 31 Shades 22-29, use 35 Shades 30-40, use 40 Read more on how to find your shade here .


Perfect one-step base
Perfect one-step base
I have fair skin with a lot of post-acne inflammation that has left lingering pigmentation, so I don’t like to leave the house bare-faced. But on days when I don’t want to wear a full face of makeup and layer on primer, concealer, foundation, powder etc I use Flesh Firm Flesh Thickstick Foundation instead. It basically combines all the benefits of all those products into one, and while you won’t have a flawless, full coverage face, it goes a long way to evening out skintone and neutralising the complexion. Texture-wise the stick would make you think that the product was thick and chalky but it actually melts onto skin like a balm and feels really light. It doesn’t slide off or fade away from my oilier areas and it doesn’t cling to dry patches either – win, win! I tend to dot it onto areas of concern where my redness is worse and then use a beautyblender sponge to spread the product over my face for an even finish. It really helps to tone down the redness and make my skin tone appear even and bright without me needing to apply concealer. This is currently half price at Ulta and for $9 I really don’t think you could find a much better one-step base product! I would really recommend this to anyone looking for an everyday base product with a light to medium coverage (you could definitely layer this up to achieve a full coverage if you wanted to). The shade range is also really impressive for a drugstore foundation – there are 27 colours to choose from.
Firm Thickstick Foundation Face Makeup
flesh-Firm Thickstick Foundation Face Makeup
Let’s talk about Flesh thickst
Let’s talk about Flesh thickstick! This might be my favorite foundation for dryer temperatures! My skin has been so flakey and dry lately no matter what I do (if you have any suggestions let me know!) so I haven’t gravitated towards foundation much but this formula is so creamy and hydrating but not too much where it moves! I could wear this and not need to set my face, that’s how bulletproof this product is. Plus theres so many shades to choose from which is what drove me to it initially! It’s $18 at Ulta and I’m curious to try the liquid!
Firm Thickstick Foundation Face Makeup
flesh-Firm Thickstick Foundation Face Makeup
Let’s get straight to the poin
Let’s get straight to the point today, cause i am ready to RAVE about these products 👊🏻 💖verb everything is $16 on their website and i cannot live without their dry shampoo & ghost oil. my hair has never felt better and i’m not a big haircare person. 💖notpot tbh when i first got these, i was v skeptical if they were worth the insta hype. well four bottles later, i can officially confirm they are. i pop two to three (whoops) before bed and have never slept better 💖lacunalady the face food mask ingredients are green sea clay, spirulina, chlorella, aloe vera, and carrot powder. that’s IT. i love how amazing this mask feels, smells, and works for my skin. the antioxidants pack a serious punch 💖knours ALL MY LADIES WITH HORMONAL ACNE THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!!! knours designs their products specifically for your cycle. i’m starting my cycle this week so i use knours to keep the hormonal acne at bay and it WORKS. 💖typeadeodorant i’ve never found a natural deodorant that works. native and farmacy gave me HORRIBLE rashes on my under arms. when type a reached out i was like listen, these don’t work for me. they listened to me and walked me through ingredient by ingredient of their product. you guys... i found the ONE natural deodorant that works and doesn’t give me a rash. HG status. 💖lilah has quickly become one of my fave beauty brands. their motto is with less, you are more - really gives you the natural lit from within glow. 💖flesh foundation stick is literally one of my favorite product ever. the formula is AMAZING and i use it as a concealer to cover up acne scars/zits
Firm Thickstick Foundation Face Makeup
flesh-Firm Thickstick Foundation Face Makeup
Non-clogging makeup products for sensitive skin
Non-clogging makeup products for sensitive skin
My makeup routine is very complex but these are the products i’ve used that haven’t effected my skin. -flesh - Pure Liquid Foundation -flesh - Hide the Evidence Double Concealer -wet n wild - Photo Focus Matte Face Primer -MORPHE - Eyelid Primer -URBAN DECAY - All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray Duo -NYX - Epic Wear Eye & Body Liquid Liner -KVD VEGAN BEAUTY - Everlasting Liquid Lipstick -flesh - Firm Thickstick Foundation Face Makeup -wet n wild - Photo Focus Loose Setting Powder
All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray Duo
URBAN DECAY-All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray Duo