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Blueberry Oil Booster

Blueberry Oil Booster

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Why It's Special BYBI Beauty Blueberry Oil Booster is 100% cold pressed blueberry seed oil, and helps to defend your skin against blue light damage by working to absorb the light before penetrating the skin. This powerful facial oil contains nutrients including beta-carotene and omega 3,6 and 9 which all work to help improve the appearance of the skin's surface, while working to nourish skin deep below.


Trending skincare: anti-bluelight
Trending skincare: anti-bluelight
My skin type: combo skin with hormonal acne. I also spend a lot of time in front of a computer because all my classes and work are online this semester. I was really excited to try this blueberry booster from BYBI beauty because it’s supposed to protect against the harmful blue lights that come from our computers and other screens! This booster is a thick oil that is yellow and scentless, and it can be mixed in with my morning moisturizer or alone under sunscreen. Honestly, I haven’t seen any significant changes in my skin from using this product everyday. I use it every morning mixed in with my moisturizer especially on days when I know I’ll be on my computer all day, but I haven’t seen any positive changes in my skin. Nor have I seen any negative changes from using it so it definitely is a nice hydrating oil. However, I will caveat that statement that I think this is more of a long term issue - the effects of blue light will likely not show up on our skin for 10-15 years so this is more of a preventative measure I’ve been adding in to my skincare routine. Have you tried any anti-blue light skincare products? #cheriepartner #cheriecreator
Blueberry Oil Booster
BYBI-Blueberry Oil Booster