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Love Your Glow Gift Set

Love Your Glow Gift Set

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DetailThese two oils for body and face are pure liquid gold. They lock in all the hydration, and self-love you need to keep you glowing throughout the year. The only “dry” about our Glow Body Dry Oil is the oil itself. This means it is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave any greasy texture behind. Give your skin an extra nourishing boost post-shower, with powerful antioxidants, which help improve your skin's elasticity and suppleness. Glow Body deeply hydrates your skin, replenishing any moisture that is lost during workouts and life. It firms skin, giving the smooth, soft feel, you desire. Paired with I Am Love, deep illuminating facial oil, the Love Your Glow Set delivers a healthy and natural glow. Co-created with Global Yoga Instructor Talia Sutra, I Am Love is a luxurious, yet minimalistic, all-natural blend of 5 super-oils. Each one carefully selected to create a wellspring of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and nutrients. Together these oils generate an unbreakable barrier of protection on the skin’s surface and lock in intense moisture. I Am Love provides deluxe hydration, and alleviates uneven, sun-damaged textures, promoting your purest glow.