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Enzyme Cleansing Powder

Enzyme Cleansing Powder

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DetailDaily fresh package which includes 30 individual sticks of Enzyme Cleansing Powder · pH Balanced (pH 5.5) · Thorough cleansing with non-physical exfoliant · Brightening power to reduce redness and discoloration · Helps brighten skin tone 0.5g each (30 counts)
Products used to form yesterda
Products used to form yesterdays mask. This is why I love @niu.body clay powders. I can experiment with different products and make a new type of mask every time 🤩 I added the @jkosmmune_cosmetics enzyme cleanser to get a gentle enzymatic exfoliation, as well as the m beta glucan toner for a good hydration- m beta glucan is supposed to be more hydrating than hyaluronic acid, which is mind blowing to me 🤯. These two products were gifted to me by the brand, and have only been using them for a week, but so far I’m really liking them. Will review both products soon. Finally, I used @herbivorebotanicals Emerald for a calming, nourishing effect. I was happy with the result of this mask; skin felt smoother and plumped, and brighter 😇 . . Get 20% @niu.body with code Leena20 😉 .
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