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Body Wash, Simply Nourish

Body Wash, Simply Nourish

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Usage TipsTo use : Pour out and lather up. Loofah optional.


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Shower things✨ all products tagged below!
anese - That booty tho. The Original Booty Scrub Was the first scrub I purchased and why I fell in love with booty scrubs ! I have re purchased twice and it lasts even when using 3-4x a week! method - Body Wash, Simply Nourish No idea why it says men on the the tag but definitely does not on bottle This smell is not over whelming and still a little natural and I just love the fact it has rice milk anese - Illuminaughty. I love the fact that this one is a pat to dry kind of moisturizer. It leaves a coconut oil texture feeling but after using my booty scrub this just goes perfectly melted into my skin anese - Hold my drink. You can use this all over but I personally use it on my chest and my inner thighs since it leaves that coconut oil texture afterward But still very exfoliating
Body Wash, Simply Nourish
method-Body Wash, Simply Nourish