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Overnight Glow Mask

Overnight Glow Mask

4.3( 34 Ratings )
What It IsAn overnight mask enriched with glycolic and hyaluronic acid that smooths the look of skin texture and improves its quality for a bright and moisturized complexion.
Research ResultsIn a consumer-study tested on 22 volunteers, after 2 applications per week for 28 days: - 100% found that their skin was smoother - 100% found that their skin was brighter After scientific measurement on 22 volunteers, after 2 applications per week for 28 days: - 29% improved radiance
What Else You Need to KnowThis mask provides radiance and hydration to dull-looking complexions. It is formulated with natural-origin glycolic and hyaluronic acid and its water-gel texture is quickly absorbed and acts overnight. The result is brighter-looking skin that is moisturized, visibly plumped, and ready for a new day. 93 percent of the ingredients are of natural origin, and the remaining seven percent are used for the sensory appeal and good preservation of the product. This pot is made from 65 percent plastic from sugar cane residue, and its box is made of materials from sustainable forests and is decorated using plant-based inks. This product is manufactured in France by a family business based in Normandy whose know-how has served beauty for three generations.
18 ingredients
Butylene Glycol
Propylene Glycol
Benzoic Acid
Hydrating, Soothing
Sugar Maple Extract
Exfoliating, Anti-Inflammatory
Ascorbic Acid
Brightening, Anti-Aging
Lemon Fruit Extract
Exfoliating, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant
Hyaluronic Acid
Exfoliating, Anti-Inflammatory
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amazing Sephora collection mask for dry skin
amazing Sephora collection mask for dry skin
so this mask is a really awesome product because of its ingredient list. first off it has glycolic acid which is amazing for exfoliating and refining the skin as you sleep. it also has hyaluronic acid which is known to hold up to 1000 times of it’s weight in water, meaning that the mask is really hydrating and nourishing the skin. it has orange extract which is really good for brightening and adding a little glow and lemon extract which is amazing for drying outs any acne! The smell of this product is pretty pleasant, but I took a star off because fragrance is pretty high on ingredient list. we don’t like that! the texture is similar to a gel. it is quite clear with a light tinge of color. it rubs into the skin very easily and leaves a slight dew on the skin. it is very easy to sleep with and does not make a mess of my pillow. when I wake up in the morning I noticed that my skin feels really moisturized and it looks very bright! I use this about once a week directly after cleaning and skip my serum. it’s a really good mask for dry skin that can flake or acne prone skin. it does a great job of refining the skin and exfoliating it while nourishing. for only $16 I will buy this product again for sure. SEPHORA COLLECTION - Overnight Glow Mask
Overnight Glow Mask