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Cuticle Oil- Spring Bouquet

Cuticle Oil- Spring Bouquet

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Usage TipsMassage a small amount of Blossom Scented Cuticle Oil into cuticles and surrounding skin for smoother and softer cuticles. Use daily.
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All About The Cuticles BABY 💅🏽 Go-To Product!
All About The Cuticles BABY 💅🏽 Go-To Product!
CUTICLES! Everyone has them, and NOT everyone takes care of them! Recently I got a beauty basket as a birthday gift and included inside was this cuticle oil. I’m being real honest and saying i’ve never been into “nail health” they get taken care of when i go to the salon every two weeks and then whatever for the rest. QUARANTINE & this whole pandemic has really made me pay attention to things i’ve never had much interest in or never had to the time to fully ingulf myself with. My nails have been a main focus for me, i’ve had to be the one to up keep the maintenance on my fingers so i’ve been able to pay attention and see what they need to make sure they look clean and healthy. I got my nails done professionally the other day for my birthday and i seen my cuticles just look so dry and so not cute, luckily i got the BLOSSOM - Cuticle Oil- Spring Bouquet in my birthday basket and it had been SAVING my cuticles and IT SMELLS GOODT! I use it every couple days and i have been seeing a difference! i’m interested in trying other scents from this brand as well. Are you guys into cuticle care and nail care? Let me know what you use and have been loving!! 💅🏽
Cuticle Oil- Spring Bouquet
BLOSSOM-Cuticle Oil- Spring Bouquet