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Feuillete Fresh Intensive Cream
Feuillete Fresh Intensive Cream
Fresh Intensive Cream

Feuillete Fresh Intensive Cream

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41 ingredients
Algae Extract
Sodium Hyaluronate
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When I got the smooth water es
When I got the smooth water essence from feuillete two things caught my attention. The first was the awesome packaging and the second was the impressive ingredient list. 86.7% Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate, Niacinamide, Centella Asiatica Extract, Algae Extract, Lotus, Licorice and Peony extract are some of the key ingredients. The lightweight, slightly thicker than watery essence, is non sticky and has a silky smooth bouncy texture. It has a subtle cucumber mixed with aloe vera scent. I have been using this for a while as a part of my AM routine and it has been performing great. My Skin feels very Hydrated, Nourished and Supple. It looked dewy and plump. It helps to reduce the redness and calm the skin and I noticed this when I was travelling on vacation. As always, I didn't realize how good it is till I actually stopped using it, just to see if it actually made any difference. The plumpness and dewiness is something I missed the most. It sure was doing something to maintain the elasticity of the skin. I am very positive about The Triple Herbal Brightening Complex that is included in this product. With consistent use, I am hoping it will help me lighten the hyperpigmented patches and shadows on my face.  Definitely a wonderful product!  Fresh Intensive Cream This cream was the second half of the Glow Getter set. It is a lightweight gel moisturizer,  The white soft cream is Infused with niacinamide, fermented red ginseng, ceramides, and antioxidant-rich botanicals. It is a simple, white cream, that is deeply moisturizing and nourishing. It layered well with the essence and did not pill. The combination of both the products are enough for a solid skincare routine. The sleek, sturdy plastic bottle, with a pump dispenser packaging makes it easy to travel with. If you want only one product from the duo, I would pick the Essence. Both are available
Feuillete Fresh Intensive Cream
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