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Renaissance Body Scrub 220g

Renaissance Body Scrub 220g

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Vitamin E
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Oskia Renaissance Body Scrub
Oskia Renaissance Body Scrub
OSKIA - Renaissance Body Scrub 220g It's been a minute since I did a #texturetuesday post, so I thought I'd do one on a product I've been using frequently (and also happens to be gorgeous): the oskia x emma hoareau renaissance body scrub* that has kept my skin smooth and soft this winter. It's a dual-action emulsifying body souffle scrub, meaning it gently exfoliates both physically and chemically; MSM and pink Himalayan salt buff away dead skin, while fermented pumpkin enzymes further break down dry skin cells, leaving the skin soft and renewed. It also contains vitamin e, which is amazing for repairing and protecting the skin, and the starflower oil's fatty acids nourish for smooth, radiant skin from head to toe. Unlike other body scrubs, it's not so coarse that using it feels unpleasant; if anything, it's surprising soft, almost buttery, as it glides along my skin. Between this, an oil shower wash, and body lotion, my skin is basically like "winter dryness? who dat?" It's limited edition, so I'm definitely getting a backup while I can! (220g for £48/$63)
Renaissance Body Scrub 220g
OSKIA-Renaissance Body Scrub 220g