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Vanessa's Vanity


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Vanessa's Vanity Eyeshadows ($
Vanessa's Vanity Eyeshadows ($6) I'd consider all four to have metallic finishes. As you can probably tell from the swatches, they're bomb. They're so shiny that they look almost wet on the skin. The formula is very finely milled and smooth. It's a thinner formula (as opposed to the more chunky 'foiled' type shadows) so they apply easily with brushes while still providing fully opaque color pay off. I'm trying to think of a brand with a comparable formula for reference but nothing is coming to mind. Ruby Evelyn is a deep rose metallic. Obviously Fire Alarm is a stunner. It's bright red with subtle orange undertones. I feel like the swatch looks almost like a red satin ribbon. 24K is a midtoned antique gold. Expensive Taste is a rich chocolatey bronze with flecks of silver sparkle. My personal favorite of the bunch is Ruby Evelyn. I'm especially impressed because it didn't break when I flung the pan off of my 2nd story deck railing over the weekend. I didn't do it on purpose. Things like that happen to me all of the time. I'm like a bull in China shop. Anyway. I couldn't believe that it didn't break!
Vanessa's Vanity-24K