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Lit Metals
Addicted (Gold)
Addicted (Gold)
Addicted (Silver)
Crave (Silver)
Enchanted (Gold)
Enchanted (Silver)
Escape (Gold)
Escape (Silver)
Glisten (Gold)
Glisten (Silver)
Crave (Gold)
Luminous (Gold)
Luminous (Silver)
Magnetic (Gold)
Magnetic (Silver)
Nudity (Gold)
Nudity (Silver)
Risque (Gold)
Risque (Silver)
Smitten (Silver)
Smolder (Gold)
Smolder (Silver)
Tease (Gold)
Tease (Silver)

Lit Metals

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What It IsA formulation of highly pigmented eye color, consisting of metallic pearl/micas mixed with pure cosmetic Gold or Silver flakes. When applied with the Glitter Base or Water Resistant Glitter Base , this product truly comes alive; gliding onto your eyelid with controlled perfection, showcasing true color tones spirited with flashes of Gold or Silver flakes. Each rounded particle of our specialized cosmetic grade glitter is encapsulated in cross-linked binders known as polyurethane 33/Acrylic Resin and Melamine Resin therefor pigment will not come in contact with any skin surface thus never leaving stains or color residue nor will these solvent resistant glitter particles breakdown over time.
9 ingredients
Titanium Dioxide
Tin Oxide
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Lit Cosmetics 'Metals
It's b
Lit Cosmetics 'Metals . It's been a minute since I've posted any lit cosmetics!! This is half of their 'Lit Metals' which are metallic pearl/micas mixed with pure cosmetic gold flakes. The other half (which I'll swatch later) have the same mica bases but with silver flakes instead of gold. A glitter glue or mixing medium is a must with these guys. The Lit base is really good or nyx makes a good one that's only $6. They are a little pricey ,but they're a really unique and beautiful product. I definitely think that it's worth getting one to try.
Lit Metals
lit-Lit Metals