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Purifying Face Wash

Purifying Face Wash

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Editor's NotesWe believe in ingredients that come from nature, from our fields, mountains and oceans," explains Indie Lee, a pioneer on the clean beauty scene because of the way she's using science to amplify their benefits. This antioxidant-rich foaming face wash removes makeup, impurities, sunscreen and daily pollution using a blend of natural and organic ingredients, including soothing Rose Damask and Java Plum, which protects skin from free radical damage and restores its natural barrier - leaving you with a noticeably clearer, brighter complexion. - Ideal for normal, oily and combination skin - Free from parabens, sulfates and aluminum - Non-greasy and non-comedogenic - Lavender and Orange extracts help control excess oils
What It IsAntioxidant-rich Indie Lee Purifying Face Wash gently, yet thoroughly, removes makeup and impurities ensuring the skin feels soft and supple, never tight. COSMOS NATURAL
25 ingredients
Sucrose Cocoate
Fungal Acne
Arctium Lappa Root Extract
Soothing, Anti-Aging, Anti-Inflammatory
Jasmine Flower Extract
Soothing, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant
Soothing, Anti-Inflammatory
Orange Peel Extract
Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant
Fungal Acne
Hydrating, Soothing
Ascorbic Acid
Brightening, Anti-Aging
Lemon Peel Extract
Exfoliating, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant
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At Home Exfoliating Facial ✨✨
At Home Exfoliating Facial ✨✨
So I recently received the Mimi Co Exfoliating Wand via IG PR. I couldn’t wait to do a full facial and I decided to do it tonight. Order: I purchased a steamer from Amazon for $23 and I’m obsessed with it (DM me for product info). I started with UpCircle - Cleansing Face Balm With Apricot Powder As my oil cleanse to get my sunscreen from today off and any other oils and dirts. INDIE LEE - Purifying Face Wash This cleanser is perfect for getting dirts and oils from skin as well. It’s not drying and it’s totally worth it! I paired it with a face cleansing scrub brush, I also purchased from Amazon. I love it and I paid around $20 for it as well! It doubles the vibration frequency put out by Foreo. CLARISMA - Namaste Glow Energizing Face Mask This was the mask I chose for the enzyme properties. This breaks down dirts and oils in pores and dead skin cells. I also steamed my face during this time. Follain - Toning Mist: Balance + Prime This was what I sprayed over my face for the prep for my exfoliating wand. I didn’t have a true medium and I am out of Aloe Vera plants so😭 I then exfoliated with my wand starting at my cheeks and working upward and then to my forehead. I went down and to the sides of my nose. Glow slow! innisfree - Jeju Lava Seawater Lotion I used the toner to cleanse my skin and get any dirts left over from me exfoliating. SUMMER FRIDAYS - Jet Lag Mask I use this as my hydrating mask. I took the back of my Mimi Co Wand on switched to the Moisturizing Setting. I gently slid upwards my entire face for the last 2 mins only and then wiped the mask off with a damp cloth. earthtoskin - Tea Time Anti Aging Eye Cream This is the most hydrating eye cream I own. I used this with the back of my cleansing brush on the heat setting! Yes it made my eye feel so hydrated and relaxed. fresh - Lotus Anti-Aging Night Moisturizer This was the final step as a good moisturizer seals in everything! To prevent acne I use the SUNDAY RILEY - U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil as my last step. I didn’t use an astringent type toner, so I wanted to still treat my skin💚
Cleansing Face Balm With Apricot Powder
UpCircle-Cleansing Face Balm With Apricot Powder
Products for acne prone skin!
Products for acne prone skin!
🌻My skin type/concerns- I have very dry skin in the winter and a normal skin type during the summer! Occasionally I will get bad acne throughout the year, I also have bad redness and hyperpigmentation, and pores! 🌻this review is for products I have tried to reduce my acne! ✅worked ❌didn’t work 🌻Product list: ✅Murad acne cleanser- I discovered this cleanser about 8 months ago and fell in love! I love using this cleanser in the morning and night because it does a great job at clearing my acne and getting rid of my hyperpigmentation! it is amazing at reducing the acne I get on my skin! I see a huge difference from before and after I use this! It’s amazing ingredients is everything that helps with my acne! ✅drunk elephant c firma serum- I discovered this serum from a friend recommending this to me after trying it and telling me how much it helped clear her acne prone skin ! I have been using this for about 6 months! I always use this at night and morning because I know when I wake up my acne looks super reduced and my skin is very soothed for when I start the day! I always use this first in my skin care routine! The amazing ingredients help so much with my acne! ✅Kate Somerville exfoliating treatment- I saw this all over social media when it came out, and when I saw some reviews for it I knew it would be perfect for my skin and I immediately bought it! I have been using this for about 6 months! I also only use this at night and whenever I use it before bed I see the biggest difference in my acne when I wake up! I use this right after I cleanse my face! The very thick consistency of this is super helpful before going to bed because I know I will wake up with super moisturized skin and my acne will be gone! ❌indie lee cleanser- I found this cleanser from a family member recommending it to me, and saying how much it helped with her acne! I saw the pricy price tag but I still went for it! I used it for a couple months of the summer, and it was perfect for my summer skin type! This has not really helped my acne, it is a great product for my dry skin, but it did not help my acne! I saw no difference when I used this at night and when I would wake up nothing changed! I used this right before using toner!Murad - Clarifying Cleanser DRUNK ELEPHANT - C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum Kate Somerville - ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment INDIE LEE - Purifying Face Wash
C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum
DRUNK ELEPHANT-C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum
 Indie’s Clarity Kit* (Purifyi
Indie’s Clarity Kit* (Purifying Face Wash, CoQ-10 Toner and Active Oil-Free Moisturizer). . ❤️Purifying Face Wash - Yes! Finally another cleanser I can get behind. Beautiful lather, non-drying, cleans well, minimal (but lovely) scent. I’m also curious to try the brightening version but absolutely a re-purchase for me! . 🧡CoQ-10 Toner - Of all the products, this was the one I was most excited to try. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews and it did not disappoint! The hero ingredient is CoQ-10 and the colour indicates a good amount of it is actually in this product. I’ll be doing a full ingredient breakdown in a future post but, overall, the toner is hydrating, refreshing and non-irritating. 100% another repurchase! . 💛Active Oil-Free Moisturizer - I love my oils, so I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel about a moisturizer that was “oil-free”. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. The cream was hydrating, perfectly complimented the other products in the set and left my skin plump and bouncy. It does contain Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, which is derived from Coconut Oil, but that’s just fine with me. A pea sized amount was enough for my entire face and it left behind a thin, comfortable, protective film that layered well under sunscreen. . Final thoughts…. Not only do I love the products themselves but I have a lot of respect for the brand (and it’s founder) as a whole. I love the commitment to legitimately clean formulations (read: phenoxyethanol-free) with reasonable concentrations of advertised actives. Indie Lee is a brand I can get behind; down to Earth, great products!
Active Oil-Free Moisturizer
INDIE LEE-Active Oil-Free Moisturizer
These items are 😍
These items are 😍
These products are worth every penny! I haven’t had much luck with face washes and toners but these are great! The last two toners I used, left my skin feeling sticky and I was told it was the toner causing that so I checked out Indie Lee! INDIE LEE - Purifying Face Wash I use this Am/Pm everyday and it makes my skin feel nice and doesn’t strip my skin which I love! I love the smell and the packaging is 😍! INDIE LEE - CoQ-10 Toner The second step is this toner and again the smell is incredible! Some days I spray this directly on my face or I spray it on a cotton pad! The packaging is 😍 just like the face wash! These products are definitely worth the money! You can find these on their website and at your local Ulta!❤️
CoQ-10 Toner
INDIE LEE-CoQ-10 Toner
Updated Morning Routine ✨✨
Updated Morning Routine ✨✨
My morning are for hyperpigmentation and dryness. I find that I focus on this to prep for my night routine for acne. I start with Double cleansing: UpCircle - Cleansing Face Balm INDIE LEE - Purifying Face Wash This is perfect for getting last night off your face. Tone: innisfree - Jeju Lava Seawater Lotion Follain - Toning Mist: Balance + Prime This is to replenish hydration and also cleanse any dirts and oils from my skin missed by my cleanser Treat: NEOGENLAB - Real Rerment Micro Essence insta natural - Vitamin C Serum Moisturize cocokind - Texture smoothing cream This is by far the best cream if you have small fine bumps this baby has helped me tremendously! I had milia under my eye and this combined with my night routine has cleared it up ! KINSHIP - Self Reflect Probiotic Moisturzing Sunscreen Zinc Oxide SPF 32 This is the ONLY mineral sunscreen I’ve tried that didn’t give me a ghastly white cast. It has a slight tint but it honestly barely noticeable 😭 What in your morning routine ?
Cleansing Face Balm
UpCircle-Cleansing Face Balm
My Current Fave Brand 🤩
My Current Fave Brand 🤩
Have you tried Indie Lee? Moving into clean and credo beauty this brand has been on my radar for a long time! Thank you @cherie for these gifts 🤩 This brand is amazing! It only uses clean ingredients that aren’t toxic or harmful and you can tell! I got the INDIE LEE - Purifying Face Wash : this is so gentle and effective. My face feels clean and my acne has been to clear up so fast. When I tell you my skin was so hydrated after using I mean it INDIE LEE - I-Waken Eye Serum : this is perfect for puffy eyes and when you need that boost. It’s so gentle I got it in my eyes (don’t try it at home) and it didn’t burn at all! Its packed full of amazing ingredients and has definitely become my new staple in the am (since I treat my fine lines and dark circles at night!) Credo beauty has been my new directive and highly recommend all skincare enthusiasts to get into the trend! Have you tried this brand ?
I-Waken Eye Serum
INDIE LEE-I-Waken Eye Serum