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Tetra fx251 ~ Broad Spectrum SPF45 High Protection Sunscreen Lotion

Tetra fx251 ~ Broad Spectrum SPF45 High Protection Sunscreen Lotion

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Priori: Adaptive Skincare ~

Priori: Adaptive Skincare ~ priori is a brand that recognises each person has different skincare needs. Their products are carefully formulated with advanced bio-technology to adapt and respond accordingly. ✨Tetra fx251 ~ Broad Spectrum SPF45 High Protection Sunscreen Lotion in Colour Guide. RRP: £75 ~ This broad spectrum sunscreen comes in two types, tinted (colour guide) and non-tinted (universal). It offers 4 levels of protection: sunscreen, infrared, antioxidants and DNA repair enzymes. I have tried both types and am a little obsessed with the tinted one. It absorbs really well, without stickiness, gives a subtle healthy glow too as it adapts to the skin tone and the best bit is how easy it is to reapply! Some sunscreens layer badly this one just absorbs, its incredible! Out of 10 I give this 11 because its amazing! TTC fx320 ~ Illumination Treatment. RRP: £61 ~ This is a gorgeous serum aimed at uneven skin tones, and adapts to the skin to help brighten and illuminate dull and discoloured skin. I used this underneath my sunscreen and guys let me tell you, I didn’t need make up after! Formulated with a triple turmeric complex, green tea, licorice, gentian root extract, argan oil and grape seed, in addition to instant brightening this serum will help smooth fine lines and lighten sun spots. Another incredible product! . LCA fx141 ~ Hand and body replenisher. RRP: £27 ~ This is a rich emulsion hand and body cream that provides deep moisture and contains antioxidants for a softer smoother appearance. This is the one product by this brand I really didn’t like. I debated leaving this out of my review but I always want to be transparent with the products I receive and what works for me and what doesn’t. I used this before bed and found the product didn’t absorb and made the bedsheets stick to my skin. I had to wash it off in the end. I know lots of people who love this however, so don’t let my experience put you off.
LCA fx141 Hand and Body Replenisher
PRIORI-LCA fx141 Hand and Body Replenisher
Priori Tetra fx250 Sunscreen L
Priori Tetra fx250 Sunscreen Lotion SPF 45⁣ ⁣ This broad spectrum mineral lotion is comprised of Zinc and Titanium oxide acting as UV filters, DNA enzymes to neutralise damage within the skin, carnosine to reduce cellular damage, soliberine to scavenge the effects of UV and blue light and sepia melanin to intercept infrared radiation before it can stimulate free radical activity. Ceramides, cholesterol and tocopherol and calendula extract reduce inflammation and work as emollients. ⁣ ⁣ Sunscreen usage is imperative, especially as I use acids and a retinol and I must admit that sometimes it does feel like a chore when the formula isn’t the most pleasant. However, i’ve found that the formula has a very natural finish, not being overly greasy nor too drying like many other mineral formulas. Instead, an undetectable satin veil is left, that pairs just as perfectly with makeup as it does on its own, making it the most cosmetically elegant SPF I’ve tried thus far. Whilst it is a luxury item, I do feel that it’s worth spending the little bit extra for the added benefits that it provides, and I will certainly repurchase. ⁣ ⁣
Tetra fx251 ~ Broad Spectrum SPF45 High Protection Sunscreen Lotion
PRIORI-Tetra fx251 ~ Broad Spectrum SPF45 High Protection Sunscreen Lotion