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Ceramidin Serum

Ceramidin Serum

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Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Cream / Cer
Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Cream / Ceramidin Serum / Ceramidin Liquid Cream: 4/5 💮 Serum: 5/5 💮 Liquid: 4/5 💮 ——— All claim to deeply hydrate and strengthen skin’s barrier and prevent water loss: All of them did Textures: The second picture shows the texture of each in order Scent - I cant describe it. It smells like what Belif cosmetics smell like Parabens - No ——— Ceramidin Cream: This cream is a thick texture but melts into the skin really nicely. I really enjoy the smell even though I cannot describe it, but there is definitely a fragrance. After using this a week I feel my skin is more moisturized and healthy looking. I didn’t think I’ll like it as much as I do! I would only repurchase this though if I decide to repurchase the serum. I feel like together they’re great but this cream alone I own equally good ones. Ceramidin Serum: This is my favorite out of all of them. After a week of using this I noticed a healthy glow and hydrated. I noticed this effect right away, the first day, but ignored it because I wanted to see if it continued. And it did! The smell is the same as the rest, which is one I truly enjoy! I love how it is not such a thin formula, I absolutely love the consistency of this serum! It did wonders on my skin! Even without using the other products of this line, it could do an amazing job! I would definitely repurchase this. Ceramidin Liquid: I was surprised it was so thick! It’s not THICK but I was expecting actual liquid. This was a positive thing as I truly enjoyed the consistency as well, it’s not runny and you can apply it smoothly on your face. This has the same smell, which I enjoy, once again. This could also work by itself and wouldn’t need the rest of the line. So if you’re looking for a “serum”-like, hydrating formula to add to your routine, I recommend this one! All in all, I’m happy I followed the stream and got this. It was very different from previous Ceramidin products I have tried in the past! Purchased at asos
Ceramidin Cream
Dr. Jart+-Ceramidin Cream