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True Water Light Gel Cream

True Water Light Gel Cream

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Thank You Farmer Products Mini
Thank You Farmer Products Mini Review 🍁Description: 🦋True Water Deep Serum: a deep hydrating serum with a unique texture that moistens the tired and dried skin as the morning dews moistens the earth. 🦋True Water Light Gel Cream: a light & fresh hydrating gel that describes fresh fruits filled with full of juice. 🦋Miracle Age Repair Eye Cream: an enriched nourishing eye cream with a rich cream cheese texture that supports firming of the delicate eye area where your first worries about siin grows. 🍁My Thoughts: 🦋True Water Deep Serum: I already put this on my top HG serum list! I fell in love with it from the first time I applied it on my skin. It is so hydrating, make my skin glowing, and supple especially when I woke up in the morning. The scent is so refreshing and comforting. I love the texture though it thicks but it absorbed well in my skin. 🦋True Water Light Gel Cream: I love how light and fast absorb this cream is! This gel cream is really suitable to wear in the daytime. It didn’t feel heavy at all and hydrate my skin, I love how it makes my skin looks nourish and fresh! But if I wear it at night, I do need to layer with my sleeping mask because I love extra hydration at night. The texture is so yummy! 🦋Miracle Age Repair Eye Cream: At first, I had a bit of mixed feelings about this because of the texture is so thick. And I’m still trying it out using only small amounts so that I won’t feel too heavy. But I realized that this eye cream improve my eye area, I couldn’t say a lot yet because I feel like it’s too early to say something about this. It moisturized my under eyes area so well, my eyes doesn’t look always tired now😂. I have a feeling that if I wear this continuously, it will improve my fine lines as well. 🍁Conclusion: I love all the 3 scents of Thank You Farmer products. They are amazing and refreshing😍 I love the texture of the serum and light gel cream. So far, I can only see the good results! I will make full review for each after some times.😘
Miracle Age Repair Eye Cream
THANK YOU FARMER-Miracle Age Repair Eye Cream