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Milky Rich Whipped Salt Scrub

Milky Rich Whipped Salt Scrub

Why It's SpecialMost salt scrubs have a layer of salt and then a layer of oil (or a layer of salt and then a layer of oily chemical soup). This will not properly quench your parched skin and it is impossible to use. While skin from the neck up is thinner and needs oils for proper hydration, what skin from the neck down needs is thick butters and creams. Sumbody knows what skin needs and we put all of it into our body scrubs to deliver an intense moisture boost. After years of perfecting our method, our salt scrubs are simply sublime – a whipped dream come true! Once you feel the fluffiness of our scrubs and the silkiness of your skin, you will be hooked.
What It DoesSofter, smoother skin - Deeply moisturized skin - Removal of dead skin cells - Skin that appears healthy and youthful
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