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Deluxe Pistachio Biscotti Whipped Body Butter
bella jade

Deluxe Pistachio Biscotti Whipped Body Butter

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These are my current favorite
These are my current favorite shower essentials. Starting off with the hair I've been loving on the ogx beauty orchid oil shampoo & conditioner duo. Its affordable for one and smells amazing. It leaves my hair soft and smooth. A deep conditioner I've been loving is the saucehair guacamole whip deep conditioner mask. This deep conditioner mask smells incredible and it's so hydrating I love it. As my hair grows out I discovered a new hair serum I've been obsessed with from pinkbeautyorganic. It's called grow long & strong hair serum. This hair serum is so good, it tames frizz and protects hair from heat and environmental stressors. It's filled with amazing ingredients and again it's so affordable. Now onto the body products my all time favorite body wash is the rawsugarliving avacado + cactus pear body wash. It smells so good, I want this scent in everything. It's so hydrating on the skin as well and this bottle is Huge. I get all my Raw sugar products from my local Target. A scrub I've been obsessed with is the tarabusicreek ambrosia sugar scrub. To me this scrub smells like granny Smith apples and I'm not mad about it. It smells so good on the skin, it's a gentle scrub but really exfoliates the body. Two body butters I've been loving the pinkbeauty organicskincare coffee bean butter body. This body butter is so delicious and hydrating. It's filled with butters and oils, it's so rich and feels amazing on the skin. The scent is delicious as well, smells just like coffee and I love it. Another body butter I love it's not as hydrating as the coffee one but it smells so good is the bellajadebotanicals pistachio biscotti body butter. It smells just like the Laura Mercier pistachio products. I'm obsessed because this is so much more affordable than the Laura Mercier ones.
Deluxe Pistachio Biscotti Whipped Body Butter
bella jade -Deluxe Pistachio Biscotti Whipped Body Butter