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Rescuerxx Intensive Daily Keratin Cuticle Treatment Oil

Rescuerxx Intensive Daily Keratin Cuticle Treatment Oil

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What It IsIn-between Gel Nail Treatments, apply CND RESCUERXX to your natural/bare nails twice daily, massaging into the entire nail, nail edge and cuticle. Your nails will look and feel healthier by applying this rejuvenating quick, daily treatment!   3.7ml PINKIE SIZE
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My DIY work-from-home manicure
My DIY work-from-home manicure
Working from home amidst COVID-19 was theoretically supposed to give me more time for leisure, but ever since quarantine began in early March, I’ve found myself busier than ever. So I found a quick DIY manicure alternative: press-on nails. I know what you may be thinking and, believe me, I too once believed that press-on nails were tacky, but it’s truly all about the brand that you buy and how you put them on. Your options are pretty much unlimited too. Press-on nails allow you complete control in terms of color and style. They’re super easy and quick to apply and should last you a good two to three weeks! Application is exactly what it sounds like: simply apply a drop of nail glue (which is usually included) onto the appropriate fake nail and then press it on, applying pressure until the glue has a chance to set. It’s a good idea to make sure that your real nails are taken care of before and after applying anything on top of them. I like to clip my nails and cuticles to prep them for press-ons and again after I take them off. I also paint a coat of keratin solution on to make my nails strong and healthy. My favorite brand is CND - Rescuerxx Intensive Daily Keratin Cuticle Treatment Oil When applying press-ons make sure not to use too much nail glue because this stuff is no joke and WILL adhere to everything, making you a sticky mess if not careful. Most press-on nail shapes also won’t be a perfect fit to your own nail because every one of us has differently shaped fingers, so shape the width of the press-on before application with a filer. Also make sure to apply a good amount of pressure for enough time while pressing the fake nail on in order to avoid air bubbles which can give you nail fungus over time (ew). I like to wait a good minute for each nail. When you’re ready to take them off, soak your fingers in nail polish remover to safely remove them and afterwards give your real nails another coat of love with keratin solution. I’m wearing ARDELL - Nail Addict Red Cateye False Nails here which I absolutely adore. They’re inexpensive yet high quality, long lasting, and there’s plenty of different styles to choose from. Try them out and let me know what you think!
Nail Addict Red Cateye False Nails
ARDELL-Nail Addict Red Cateye False Nails