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Smart drawing [blusher]

Smart drawing [blusher]

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Innisfree “Smart Drawings” mak
Innisfree “Smart Drawings” makes everyday makeup super easy! They are all in brush form and you just have the squeeze the color out and “draw” it on your face – it’s super fun!! These are so multi-purpose and blends in with the skin extremely well. Has anyone tried brush pens like this? These are the colors I received & using every day: • Color corrector in Apricot Peach – this works the best for dark circles but I’ve also been using it kind of as a concealer to hide my blemishes • Color corrector in Vanilla Green – the one I need the most in my life to neutralize any red tones and redness around my nose. • Strobing in Peach Light – A liquid peachy highlighter. This is the first time I’m using a liquid highlighter like this and my god, I love how it blends in! • Blusher in Peach Coral – Think this may be my one favorite blusher. Still undecided whether I like this or the cloud paints more, but right now, love them equally. I was impressed by how subtle yet beautiful this color was on my skin!
Smart drawing [blusher]
innisfree-Smart drawing [blusher]