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Beaded Glass
Beaded Glass
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Crystal Kiss
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Why It's SpecialDesigned for effortless application, the streamlined applicator disperses product evenly and easily on lips The wet-finish, high-shine formula glides over lips without ever feeling sticky or tacky Featuring a delicate crème brûlée scent that’s delectable without being overpowering
What It IsDiscover the lip gloss so good that Jeffree Star calls it “sickening.” Featuring a diverse range of shades that goes from soft and subtle to vibrant and bold, The Gloss from Jeffree Star Cosmetics offers a semi-sheer, high-shine finish that never feels sticky.


Having fun with pink!💕
Having fun with pink!💕
So I just got the James Charles eye shadow palete and what can I say other then IM IN LOVE!! What I did for this cute pink look: 1. I put the neon pink color in my crease. 2. Then I wanted to darken it up just a bit so I added the burgundy color with just a touch of the neon pink. 3. I then attempted to cut my crease. 4. Then with that same burgundy color I put it on my outer corner and blended. 5. Then I added some eyeliner (completely optional). 6. Add some mascara (maybe add a lash) and finish up with whatever you use for your base makeup. Products used: MORPHE - The James Charles Palette NARS - Radiant Creamy Concealer Too Faced - Cocoa Contour Kit FENTY BEAUTY - Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation Too Faced - Born This Way Loose Setting Powder MORPHE - Continuous Setting Mist JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS - JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS The Gloss ANASTASIA Beverly Hills - Sugar Glow Kit Thoughts: I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported my page and thank you so much to the new followers y’all amaze me. And I was thinking about starting a YouTube channel so comment below if you guys would be interested in seeing what I can produce as well as what kind of videos you would like to see. Much love and peace💞✌️
Born This Way Loose Setting Powder
Too Faced-Born This Way Loose Setting Powder
Let’s Talk Lip Gloss
Let’s Talk Lip Gloss
I love lip gloss so much. I love the way it makes my lips shinny and tinted. I especially love when it’s either red or untinted. (Listed in order from 1-8) ULTA BEAUTY - Lasting Color Lip Gloss Stain , this lip stain works wonders, it has the perfect red tint that anyone could ask for. I got this as a Christmas present but I believe it’s around $10 for a full size tube. VICTORIA'S SECRET - Flavor Gloss , this gloss is subtle and sweet(literally), it’s flavored. I bought this for $6, it was on sale, usually it’s $10. COVERGIRL - Lip Lava , not my favorite, I dislike the color and it goes on a little streaky. It smells like crayons. I got this from Walmart for like $10. BLOSSOM - Tropicali Flavored Roll-on Lip Gloss , i actually have the raspberry scent. It’s one of my favorites only because it has no tint/color, it smells amazing and it hydrates my lips quite well. Only thing is is that it looks a little like grease on the lips instead of lip gloss. I bought this from Hot Topic for about $7. #Manshili - Cats Wink Lip Gloss - Red[products]#[FiveStars] , this is super cheap around $3. I’m pretty sure I originally bought this from wish. I love the color and consistency, it’s very smooth. It stays on for a good amount of time without having to reapply. JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS - JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS The Gloss , I bought this one right when Jeffree Star launched his orgy collection. I love the color and how shimmery/glittery it is. This cost $18. HAUS LABORATORIES - Le Riot Lip Gloss , very good quality lip gloss. Love the color and how thick and shiny it is. I bought this from Amazon for about $18. SOAP & GLORY - Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL Lip Plumping Gloss , I love this stuff. It makes my lips look fuller and bigger. I also like the slight pinky tint it gives. Not sure why but I love the way it makes my lips tingle. I got this in a free gift from Ulta but for a full size tube it’s $13.
Flavor Gloss
Fav Fall lipsticks 🍁
Fav Fall lipsticks 🍁
I absolutely love everything about Fall 🍁! The leaves changing colors, the air getting cooler, everything apple and pumpkin, and of course the lip colors!!! Here are my absolute favorites for this Fall! (From front to back) ESTĒE LAUDER - Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick $32.00 Shade: Intense nude I grew up with my grandma giving these to me from her free gifts she would get every month or so. These lipsticks aren’t just amazing quality they are memories ❤️ The colors are so incredibly rich and creamy while on, and they don’t dry my lips out. These will always be my favorite classic lipstick. ANASTASIA Beverly Hills - ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick $20.00 Shade: Veronica I looooove liquid lipstick and this formula is really good. They stay on a long time and I usually have to reapply once for it to last all day long. This formula isn’t as drying as some others but it can get a tad drying as he day goes on. WANDER BEAUTY - Out Dual Lipsticks Shade: Barely there $28 I love these lipsticks so much!! This was a sample size so it’s a single but the formula is SUPER creamy. These have vitamin e and mango seed butter and they keep your lips nice and soft and all the colors are beautiful! So many pretty fall shades!! JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS - JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS The Gloss $18.00 Shade: Crystal Climax I am NOT a gloss fan and this was gifted to me by a friend so I tried it anyway and I love it! It’s not majorly sticky and the color cover almost as much as a regular lipstick. I think this is an absolutely perfect fall color choice! It’s super shimmery without being too childish. I will use the rest of this but will not purchase myself. pretty VULGAR - My Lips Are Sealed Liquid Lipstick $17.00 Shade: Artful Deception Pretty Vulgar has such a cute vintage and old fashioned look to their packaging that I just love! This lipstick is not a smudge proof formula so I have to reapply often but this color is such a dark copper that’s my #1 go to right now. They only have a few shades is the drawback 😩 I’d love to get some recommendations from you! Tell me what your favorite fall lipstick is!!!!
ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick
ANASTASIA Beverly Hills-ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick
should this be jeffree star approved??
should this be jeffree star approved??
This gloss came in the Valentine’s Day mystery box- did it break my heart or steal it? Claims: non-sticky, smells like a vanilla crème brûlée My thoughts: This gloss is great!! The ONLY downfall is you have to wear it very selectively or else you look like a 5 year old in Justice. It definitely smells AMAZING!! It’s not overpowering or artificial. It is one of the least sticky glosses I have EVER found! I would highly recommended JSC’s glosses (this one is limited addition and isn’t for sale).
This marketing campaign was honestly one of the best ones I’ve ever seen, Jeffree definitely got me on this one! I always struggle to find a gloss that is not only beautiful, but also moisturizing. If a gloss is sticky it won’t get much use from me, and it will make it’s way to the back of my makeup drawer very quickly. JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS - JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS The Gloss on the other hand was in my bag all summer, or well until I ran out of it that is! I bought this is the shade Shockwave, which is a a beautiful peach flavour with pink and blue reflects 🍑💙This is the perfect everyday gloss! My lips never feel sticky when I wear this product and are always left soft and supple. Not to mention the smell is ADDICTIVE, a beautiful creme brûlée scent lingers on your lips when you we’re this product. The only issue I have with this product, like a lot of Jeffree Star products is that the glitter is very chunky. I tried his liquid highlighter and had the same issue, rather than having a nice glow I ended up looking more like a disco ball 🕺🏻 Will I repurchase - Probably! I love how each campaign has different coloured packaging and unique colours! I have gone through one of these tubes in less than a few months, so I will most likely pick some of these up in the new year!
My go to makeup products for almost every look
My go to makeup products for almost every look
e.l.f. - e.l.f. Contour Palette MORPHE - Glamabronze Face & Body Bronzer NYX - Holographic Halo Finishing Powder L'ORÉAL - Hydra Perfecte Perfecting Loose Face Powder I don’t really have a con for elf and morphe products, but I do have a con for the NYX Halo powder and the L’ORÉAL face powder. For the nyx halo powder, since it’s a highlighter it does leave behind some behind when you remove it and it gets everywhere when you apply as well. And the L’Oréal face powder it’s a good setting powder, but it does have a small amount of flashback. tarte - Shape Tape Stay Spray Vegan Setting Spray pixi - Glow Mist Milk MAKEUP - Hydro Grip Primer I love all three products. The hydro grip primer hype is really and I didn’t believe it until I started using it. Charlotte Tilbury - Magic Foundation Flawless Long-Lasting Coverage SPF15 COLOURPOP - No Filter Matte Concealer tarte - Shape Tape Concealer All these products are good, the Charlotte Tilbury foundation is medium coverage and it is buildable and it’s one of the best formulations I’ve tried so far. The Colourpop and tarte concealer are very amazing concealer. They both are high coverage concealers, but they do cake up/crease easily so you got to set it real good to not have it move around. JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS - Thirsty Eyeshadow Palette the Balm cosmetics - Alternative Rock Vol. 1 -- Face Palette #Lunarskies Cosmetics - Eyeshadow palettes[products]#[FiveStars] I do like Jeffree’s formula even though he has done handful of things, but the pigment and formula is there in all of his products. The Balm Eyeshadow and Face palette is my go to for the natural everyday glam look. Let me tell you something about Lunarskies Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes. They are the best small cosmetics business I have tried and invested my money in and their palettes are to die for. JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS - Velour Liquid Lipstick JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS - JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS The Gloss DOSE OF COLORS - Two Moods Lipstick Duo COLOURPOP - Big Box of Lippie Stix COLOURPOP - Lippie Pencil I love all these products, but my only issue, and it’s a thing with all matte liquid lipsticks, is that they are slightly drying, but you can easily fix that with some lip balm before hand. COLOURPOP - Colour Outside the Eyeliner Kit COLOURPOP - Limited Edition Star Crossed Colours Crème Gel Liner Vault Beauty Creations - 3D Silk Lashes tarte - Maneater Mascara thrive causemetics - Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara™ I don’t have an issue with these products. I love them all.
3D Silk Lashes
Beauty Creations-3D Silk Lashes