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MORPHE X Jeffree Star JS13 Pom Crease Brush

MORPHE X Jeffree Star JS13 Pom Crease Brush

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What It IsBold color and defined lines in the crease? Honey, we're here for it. This brush's soft, domed point can totally make it happen and make it iconic.
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Best Eyeshadow brushes (Morphe Edition)✨
Best Eyeshadow brushes (Morphe Edition)✨
Eyeshadow is a tricky part of makeup. It took me awhile to get the hang of what brush did what, and how it should be used. I narrowed down 7 essential brushes (really 4 because three do the same thing). I have (from L👉🏽R) Morphe Oval Shadow Brush Morphe Pro Firm Blending Crease Brush - great for transition shades and packing colors in creases Morphe Tapered Mini Blender Brush- this is one of my repeated brushes. This is great for diffusing harsh lines and colors in creases, corners, and brow bone. MORPHE - MORPHE X Jeffree Star JS13 Pom Crease Brush great for crease colors and packing on a shade heavy. The difference between this particular brush and the black crease brush, is the density! This gives you more control ! MORPHE - MORPHE X Jeffree Star JS11 Blunt Packer Brush everyone needs at least two of these brushes! This brush is ideal for packing lid colors. If you like crease colors this is great for getting that shadow there ! MORPHE - Morphe X Jeffree Star JS6 Rule Blender Brush this is another copy cat brush. The black regular Morphe brush is a lot more fuller (not sure if you can tell). This pink brush, is more smaller and easier to control. If you use multiple shades to transition or to build color you always want 2 brushes! This allows you to not make your colors so muddy, especially if they’re not the same color range. MORPHE - Morphe X Jaclyn Hill JH35 Upper Crease Brush my last Copt cat brush. As I said before when doing multiple colors on your kid you want to be sure that you don’t mix them to avoid looking muddy. This is the biggest of the three blending brushes. I use this mostly in my crease! The black ones don’t have numbers because I got them in a 4 piece set! $12 I bought the rest of the brushes as individuals but the Jeffree Star Set (which is the softest brushes) is $21 for 10 brushes! (Great deal) The Jaclyn Hill set (which are the biggest in my opinion) is $20 for 5 brushes (could be better) ..
MORPHE X Jeffree Star JS11 Blunt Packer Brush
MORPHE-MORPHE X Jeffree Star JS11 Blunt Packer Brush