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Bawdy x Butt Sheet Mask

Bawdy x Butt Sheet Mask

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What It IsA collection of sheet masks for the butt, each targeted to a different concern.
What Else You Need to KnowFrom Sweaty leggings to sitting down for hours, your butt skin goes through a lot. It's as sensitive as the skin on your face, so it's about time you show it some love. These masks are each targeted to address a specific concern
10 ingredients
Watermelon Fruit Extract
Soothing, Hydrating, Anti-Oxidant
Exfoliating, Anti-Inflammatory
Kiwi Extract
Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant
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I tried a butt sheet mask so you don’t have to
I tried a butt sheet mask so you don’t have to
Tbh I can’t believe I’m writing this review. NOTE: the 5th & 6th photos are of the skin on my butt, but nothing “inappropriate” is shown lmao. BAWDY Beauty is “the original butt sheet mask brand” (their words not mine!) and they currently produce and sell 4 different sheet masks on their website for $9 each. They collaborated with Sephora a while ago to create some additional masks and to hit the free shipping threshold I immediately added it to my cart, thinking maybe I would give it to someone as a gag gift. SEPHORA COLLECTION - Bawdy x Butt Sheet Mask Yet here we are. The specific sheet mask I used is the “Own It” purifying sheet mask for your butt. I got it for $4 at Sephora. First thoughts: I did this mask just for fun. I don’t really take care of the skin on my butt, but after taking the before photo I discovered that I have KP! The sheets are enormous. Like, could have covered both my cheeks with one sheet 😭 I have a small butt but oh my god. They’re humongous. This specific mask is so fragrant. I did not feel any tingling or anything but the scent was overpowering. It’s really awkward trying to keep heavy sheet masks on your butt cheeks while standing up, but if you lay down face first, the liquid from the sheet masks runs down to the front onto your bed/couch. Please send help. I wore this mask for 10 minutes and had to keep my body at a 45 degree angle to keep the sheets on. Did I see a difference?? Not really! Maybe a little bit of redness reduction or smoothing but nothing crazy. I don’t know if I could justify using these on a regular basis. I am rating this 2/5 because I don’t think it really did anything, but it was cheap and I appreciate the sheets being so large so they can fit on even the biggest booties 😘 Would you ever try a butt sheet mask? Have you ever done anything ridiculous as this???
Bawdy x Butt Sheet Mask
SEPHORA COLLECTION-Bawdy x Butt Sheet Mask