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Vitamin C24 Serum

Vitamin C24 Serum

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What It IsThe Indeed Labs Vitamin C24 Serum is a moisturizing cream that leaves your skin brighter, younger and more radiant. Repair, restore and protect your skin!
12 ingredients
Sodium Hyaluronate
Ethylhexyl Palmitate
Fungal Acne
Butylene Glycol
Ascorbic Acid
Brightening, Anti-Aging
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These are some of the products
These are some of the products I pampered myself with. 💖 HAIR philip kingsley Elasticizer (Coconut). A pre Shampoo hair treatment. Suitable for all hair types. Helps improve hairs elasticity, health and appearance. percyandreed Wonderbalm - a styling balm that beats the frizz and keeps humidity out !!! This will keep your blow out smooth for longer!!! forestandshoreltd Hallelujah Hair Oil. Smells like a spa day and works like a dream. Adding moisture and shine to dry damaged hair. . 💖 BODY elizabetharden Eight Hour All Over Body Miracle Oil. Suitable for hair, face and body. This gorgeous light oil gives upto 12 hours of moisture. It feels like a dream on the skin. Not too oily and absorbs quickly. I think I will be sticking with this for a while!!! aveda Beautifying Oil. Again suitable for every purpose though I like to put a few drops in my bath. The scent is just gorgeous. . 💖SKINCARE elizabetharden - Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist. This is wonderfully hydrating. The spritz is so light and refreshing with a very light scent. Another really enjoyable product. Perfect for dehydrated skin and I’d say a very good holiday companion. indeed labs Vitamin C24. This made my skin feel baby soft. Almost like a primer with a zingy tingle. Can’t wait to see the results from this. . 💖 lyonsleaf 100% Natural Zinc & Calendula Cream. I suffer from Dermatitis on my fingers and toes. It flares up if I am stressed. I had a flare up yesterday and this magical cream got rid of the burning itchy feeling immediately!!! It is very greasy so be careful not to get on your clothes but I am impressed by its magic. You really only need the tiniest bit !!
Beautifying Composition Oil
AVEDA-Beautifying Composition Oil
This mornings routine incorpor
This mornings routine incorporating the new Vit C addition... mariobadescu Aloe and Rose Mist as a toner after cleansing we love hadalabo Moist for a super boost of hyaluronic acid kiehls Creamy Avocado Eye Cream for that creamy goodness clinique Moisture Surge, well for all that moisture of course! indeedlabs Vit C24 🍊tried layering this differently over the last couple of days and this seems to work best for me... it does have a silicon nature so can be difficult to work into a multi layer routine... I also find less is more! It’s spread beautifully and I’m enjoying the tingle! I’m hoping to notice some brightening over the next few weeks too ✨ bybi Babe Balm an amazing multi-purpose balm which I used over my dry areas which are prone to flakiness! Although it is a balm it melts into a beautiful oil on the skin...
Babe Balm Natural Beauty Balm / Multipurpose Beauty Balm
BYBI-Babe Balm Natural Beauty Balm / Multipurpose Beauty Balm