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Front of the Line PRO Liquid Eyeliner

Front of the Line PRO Liquid Eyeliner

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What It IsThis high-performing no-smudge, no-budge, waterproof Front of the Line PRO Liquid Eye Liner by LORAC boasts a unique automatic delivery system that provides a clean, precise application with its easy to use brush tip.
12 ingredients
Butylene Glycol
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Old vs New: Best Eyeliner for Oily Eyelids
Old vs New: Best Eyeliner for Oily Eyelids
I think black cat eyeliner is a staple for many makeup lovers. There’s a lot of options: gel, liquid, felt, you name it. But if you have super oily eyelids like me, they all smudge on you. One of the last eyeliners I had was the 3INA 24H Pen Eyeliner. After wearing it for a few months, I laid down the pros and cons. 🌟 Pros: it was that it’s really matte black on first application. The felt tip also withstood a lot of use, and even though it’s not waterproof, it can withstand getting an accidental splash of water. ❗️Cons: it smudged to my lower eyelids by the end of the day. I didn’t get full raccoon eyes, but definitely enough color to convince you I was wearing soft gray smoky eyes. Later, I tried another eyeliner: LORAC Front of the Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner. Since trying it for the first time, I have repurchased it twice over! 🌟Pros: It lasts all day with minimal need for touch up! And when it does come off, it seems to peel off more smoothly, so you don’t have as much of a shadow. The brush tip also makes it easier to apply a thin line. It has more of a satin, skin-like finish. ❗️Cons: It’s not as dark black as 3INA’s. It feathers a little at the tear duct, but nothing a tiny pinch of color can’t fix. After trying these (and like 10 other liners before it), I found my favorite eyeliner. What other eyeliners would you recommend for oily lids?
Front of the Line PRO Liquid Eyeliner
LORAC-Front of the Line PRO Liquid Eyeliner