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I'm Real Makgeolli Mask Sheet

I'm Real Makgeolli Mask Sheet

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What It IsThis Tony Moly I'm Real Makgeolli Mask sheet is formulated with makgeolli (rice wine) to refine skin to a more translucent and smooth complexion in as little as 20 minutes. Fragrance and thicker cotton mask make for a luxurious experience.
25 ingredients
Mineral Oil
Hydrating, Comedogenic
Butylene Glycol
Sorbitan Sesquioleate
Fungal Acne
Black Tea Ferment
Anti-Aging, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Fungal Acne
Illicium Verum Fruit Extract
Soothing, Hydrating
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Sheet Mask Heaven ✨
Sheet Mask Heaven ✨
My absolute favorite sheet masks! 🤍TONYMOLY - I'm Real Rice Mask Sheet 🤍 🤍TONYMOLY - I'm Real Makgeolli Mask Sheet 🤍 🍚 Rice is such an amazing ingredient for skincare. There are SO many benefits. It keeps it supple & prevents wrinkles. It also lightens hyperpigmentation, dark spots, & aging spots on your skin! To top that, it reduces redness, as well as clears acne & blemishes! This mask does it all!! After leaving it in for about 35 minutes, I pat the rest of the serum into my skin & my face looks so radiant! 🌾 Makgeolli is another amazing ingredient. Filled with amino acids & vitamin B, this stuff firms & brightens your skin like no other!! It completely gets rid of my uneven tone & leaves my skin glowing! I think this is my absolute favorite mask. I want to try & find this in a serum because it has so many unbelievable benefits. Sheet masks are an important part of my skincare regimen. I don’t use them daily though. Usually around once to twice a week. I put them on after using my toner & before using any serums. I leave it on for about 30 minutes & once I take it off, I gently pat any extra serum into my skin. Then once it fully absorbs, I finish with my regular routine! Sheet masks are so refreshing & make you feel like you’re at the spa! & these TonyMoly masks specifically are my favorite. They contain amazing ingredients that have so many benefits! They have SO many different types that have all kinds of uses & ingredients, so you can definitely find the perfect one for you & your special skincare needs. They’re also really affordable. You can find them at Sephora for about $3.50 each! Have you ever tried a sheet mask? What’s your favorite kind? @cherie@Cheriebeauty@CheriePick
I'm Real Makgeolli Mask Sheet
TONYMOLY-I'm Real Makgeolli Mask Sheet
Sharing my Tony Moly I'm Real
Sharing my Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Mask Empties! 💕 I only bought 4 out of 11 variants and it kinda makes me wish I got all of them instead. Now, they’ve added more and the line has 26! I'm going to try all of them and repurchase my favorites. Had them on for 20-30 minutes or more.. I was playing video games when I was masking so I'm pretty sure it had to be longer than 30 minutes haha. That's not a bad thing right? Some masks were still drippin' when I removed them. I of course pat on the excess essence (with clean hands!) ✨ 🍶 TonyMoly Makgeolli Sheet Mask 🍶 A Korean Rice Wine filled with mineral oils an fermented rice wine extract that claims to refine skin to a more translucent and smoother complexion. It has a milky lotion essence that smelled very sweet. I really liked it ~ Makgeolli sheet mask worked out well for me. When I woke up the next day, I noticed that my skin was more radiant and refreshed. 🍋 TonyMoly I’m Real Lemon Sheet Mask 🍋 Packed with Vitamin C, claims to even and brighten skin. It probably won't fade scars overnight, but with continued use maybe? I don't know.. I was only able to try this once and I liked it too. Made my skin brighter and less red the next day. I'd like to think some of my products helped as well. 🍷 TonyMoly Red Wine Sheet Mask 🍷 Claims to reduce the appearances of enlarged pores while tightening and purifying skin. I also adore this mask! I suffer with (slightly) enlarged pores so I thought this one would be perfect for me! haha! I've managed to diminish the size of my pores as well as the appearance of my blackheads. YAY - my other skincare products helped with it, of course. . 🍅 TonyMoly Tomato Sheet Mask 🍅 This mask sheet has tomato extract and vitamin E which takes out dirt and rejuvenates skin. I love the texture of each sheet and how well they sit on my face. They all do the same thing but they have different personalities.. Do you know what I mean? No? Lol okay. But yeah, overall I really like the I'm Real Mask Sheets and I'd probably get my hands on them when I see one. Heh.
I'm Real Lemon Mask Sheet
TONYMOLY-I'm Real Lemon Mask Sheet
K-Beauty: Best Inexpensive Sheet Face Mask ✨
K-Beauty: Best Inexpensive Sheet Face Mask ✨
I got these sheet mask from my favorite beauty store Ulta. I paid $2.62 (sale) but the retail for $3.75/mask. (They’re also $1 on masksheets.com) I use my mask during the day to let the essence left over absorb thoroughly. I use these for 20 minutes at a time Best if used after toner and before other serums (it’s more of an essence). I got multiple kinds: TONYMOLY - I'm Real Green Tea Sheet Mask this was the one I bought the most of. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, anti-aging properties, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial. I immediately felt relief from my drier cheek areas I used this the second day. TONYMOLY - I'm Real Cactus Sheet Mask this mask was very soothing. It has 1000 ppm (parts per million) of natural prickly pear extract calms, soothes, purifies, and hydrates the skin, leaving a clear and healthy complexion. This left my skin very soft and happy. I used this the third day. TONYMOLY - I'm Real Makgeolli Mask Sheet this was the very first mask I tried from this brand 3 weeks ago! It has Makgeolli (Korean Rice Wine). This is very high in vitamin E! This mask made my skin so soft and helped on the treatment of my hyperpigmentation! It also has sunscreen properties (still use your daily SPF). I used this one morning and I couldn’t stop touching my skin all day! TONYMOLY - I'm Real Avocado Mask Sheet I used this mask today. I’m a stickler for avocados. Rich in Vitamin C and E, it’s great for wrinkles, fine lines, environmental damage prevention, and hydration! I love sheet masks and these mask are amazing! I will definitely buy more. 😍
I'm Real Avocado Mask Sheet
TONYMOLY-I'm Real Avocado Mask Sheet