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Vinylux Weekly Polish
After Hours
After Hours
Blue Eyeshadow
Cake Pop
CND  Field Fox
CND  Tropix
Cream Puff
Crushed Rose
Married To The Mauve
Nude Knickers (Opaque Light Pink)
Pink Leggings
Pink Pursuit #215 (creamy opaque rose)
Strawberry Smoothie

Vinylux Weekly Polish

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What It IsCND Vinylux Weekly Polish is a breakthrough polish for fashion perfection... without a base coat!
22 ingredients
Isopropyl Alcohol
Fungal Acne
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Weekly Polish? Last for 7 days ? Would not purchase again!💔😡
Weekly Polish? Last for 7 days ? Would not purchase again!💔😡
CND - Vinylux Weekly PolishVinylux seemed to be a wonderful creation, but sadly, it did not work for me.   Last for 7 days? NO! The claim of 7 days manicure was misleading and not true! This is the first time I’ve tried polishing my nails with CND Vinylux Weekly Polish and I am really not impressed. I bought 2 colors plus the top coat due to the promise of lasting 7 days. However It lasts 2 days tops and the it chips as any other nail polish will do. DO NOT wash dishes (only about once a week), I have a sedentary job, I do not wash my hands more than the average person. It is beyond frustrating to spend so much time on my nails only to have it ruined many hours later, when most other polishes would have dried and been fine.Weekly nail polish that chips within 48 hours. Maybe it should be called 'weekend polish' instead?   Smooth? NO! Also, it was thick and streaky. Just a horrid, gloopy mess! Shades with 'frost' tend to be gloppy, those without tend to be uneven and steaky.   Bright color? NO! About the colors, I have noticed that while the finish is very shiny on day #1, by one day later it has dulled significantly. The awesome color doesn't matter when it looks like crap.   Good for nail health? NO! Worst of all, it can eat away at my nails, making them very porous and fragile. After using it for a couple of weeks my nails became very brittle, broke off and peeled back. It really damaged my nails. My nails are strong, they grow fast (for reference), and after a few USES, they've bent, broken, and look very dry. I wouldn't recommend this vinyl nail polish to anyone. I'm not wasting my money on this brand again!
Vinylux Weekly Polish
CND-Vinylux Weekly Polish
Current Nail Obsession
Current Nail Obsession
CND - Vinylux Weekly Polish I’ve been obsessed with this color (field fox). I just repainted my nails and topped it with Vinylux’s clear topcoat and had to take a photo! Iove how this polish wears and how it lasts. It’s like having the look of gel nails with having the ease of regular polish to remove. I’ve already purchased a second back-up. But thinking of adding a new color to my arsenal...any suggestions?
Vinylux Weekly Polish
CND-Vinylux Weekly Polish