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Rock Hard Gelee

Rock Hard Gelee

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What It IsBioSilk Rock Hard Gellee Firm Hold with firm hold to create long lasting styles on wet or dry hair without flaking.
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CG Method-Friendly Curl Defining Gels for Summer
CG Method-Friendly Curl Defining Gels for Summer
Summer is around the corner in the Southern Hemisphere. In Australia, the weather is already warming up and the sun is getting shinier by the day ☀️ With a humid climate on the way, you’ll want to protect your wavy, curly and coils hair with moisture. You’ll also need a curl defining gel that can withstand the conditions. Here are some examples of affordable curl defining gels that are Curly Girl Method friendly for your upcoming summer adventures:   What is Curl Defining Gel? This type of product is designed to tame and define curls by trapping moisture in the hair and protecting it from frizz. This is all whilst enhancing your natural curly texture. Wavy Hair Textures: AA curl defining gel might be too heavy for waves. Try lighter styling products like creams or mousses. Try kms - Curlup Control Creme or MATRIX - Curl Please Super Defrizzer . Curly Hair Textures: Those of you with more defined and tighter curls can probably handle a curl defining gel. A gel like aussie - Instant Freeze Hair with Jojoba Oil & Sea Kelp Gel is great for humidity. You can also try BIOSILK - Rock Hard Gelee for another affordable option. Coily Hair Textures: Our coily CGM friends always rave about the cantu - Shea Butter for Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream and ECOCO - Eco Style Olive Oil Gel for an affordable and long-lasting hold. Why are These Products Curly Girl Method Friendly? The curly girl method approves brands and products that don’t include harmful, drying and dirtying ingredients. These include sulphates, silicones, mineral oils, parabens, alcohols etc. You can use a site like www.isitcg.com to check your products ingredients! Pro Tips for Using Curl Defining Gel: 🖤 Most hair types will benefit from additional moisture during the warmer months. 🖤 When you get out the shower after washing your hair, wring some water out, take a blob of leave in conditioner, and squeeze it into your hair. 🖤 Scrunch from the ends up to the root. 🖤 Follow this up with a blob of curl defining gel, mousse or cream. Scrunch it into your hair to lock in the moisture and encourage a curly texture. 🖤 Towels can be damaging to curly hair so scrunch with an old t-shirt to dry off the hair some more.
Curl Please Super Defrizzer
MATRIX-Curl Please Super Defrizzer