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Stay Woke Luminous Brightening Concealer
Black Pearl - T2 (for dark brown skin)
Black Pearl - T2 (for dark brown skin)
Black Pearl - T1 (for dark brown skin)
Brown Sugar - T4 (for brown skin)
Brown Sugar - T3 (for brown skin)
Brown Sugar - T2 (for brown skin)
Brown Sugar - T1 (for brown skin)
Bronze Venus T3 (for rich tan skin)
Bronze Venus - T2 (for rich tan skin)
Bronze Venus - T1 (for rich tan skin)
Honey Honey - T3 (for olive skin)
Honey Honey - T2 (for olive skin)
Honey Honey - T1 (for olive skin)
Fair Lady - T3 (for fair skin)
Fair Lady - T2 (for fair skin)
Fair Lady - T1 (for fair skin)
White Pearl - T2 (for very fair skin)
White Pearl - T1 (for very fair skin)
Black Pearl T3 (for dark brown skin)
White Pearl T.75 (for very fair skin)
White Pearl T.5 (for very fair skin)

Stay Woke Luminous Brightening Concealer

4.1( 30 Ratings )
What It IsMeet your solution to a flawless complexion with the UOMA Beauty Stay Woke Luminous Brightening Concealer. It goes on seamlessly to instantly conceal discoloration and dark under eye circles. The luxuriously creamy texture feels lightweight while also delivering full coverage to instantly conceal.
25 ingredients
Butylene Glycol
Sodium Chloride
Exfoliating, Comedogenic
Tocopheryl Acetate
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10/10 DANG I LOOK GOOD. Best complexion products
10/10 DANG I LOOK GOOD. Best complexion products
Okay, I know the title drew you in... WELL I’m here to say that it’s absolutely true. This is the best foundation I’ve ever used and I’ve tried A LOT! (I used to work at Sephora, so you can imagine how many I’ve actually tried.) ANYWAY! Skipping to the review. Let me introduce you to Uoma Beauty. Uoma Beauty is a brand making moves that I wish all brands would! Their shade line for complexion products is based on undertone and skin type AND it has a huge shade range. Anyone can find their match and it’s really easy. They have a quiz and you can match another brands shade to one of theirs. Out of the 6 shade groups, I am Honey Honey the olive undertone. I am always looking for a perfect olive undertone foundation, but always seem to fail. Foundations are too orange/yellow or neutral olive and turn grey on me. Uoma Beauty Honey Honey T1 is the spot on perfect warm olive match for me. Each shade group is made with different ingredients to cater to the undertone/skin types reaction to the sun. So mine helps with premature aging, repairing the skin, sebum production, inflammation, and protection from free radicals. Find your foundation match and there is a concealer and contour highlight stick to go with it as well. UOMA - Say What?! Foundation Requires some shaking before use, but expect amazing coverage and finish. + buildable coverage. Light to FULL coverage. + soft matte/natural finish. Not heavy, looks super natural and like skin. + LONG LASTING. I wore this for 12hrs without primer and it stayed put. + has a light scent, but it’s really nice and dissipates. + no oxidation! Doesn’t turn colors. UOMA - Stay Woke Luminous Brightening Concealer This concealer *bleeps* on all my other concealers. + she’s thickk, but creamy and comfy. + little goes a long way. + medium to full coverage. + hydrating! Not heavy. + very long lasting. + not slippery. Stays put. - creases, but what concealer doesn’t? UOMA - Double Take Contour Stick I think we all have problems finding the correct shade to contour. At first I thought this shade was way too dark, but it’s PERFECT. The highlight shade is also perfect for my skin tone. + creamy/ buttery soft texture. + so easy to blend. + very pigmented. Little goes a long way. + highlight is more glossy than shimmery. The whole brand is a hit and my complexion has never looked so good!
Double Take Contour Stick
UOMA-Double Take Contour Stick