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Intensive Eye Repair

Intensive Eye Repair

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What It IsDermalogica Intensive Eye Repair is an ultra-rich cream, fortified with antioxidant vitamin C and phytonutrient wild yam, that helps repair prematurely-aging skin and smooth fine dehydration lines.
42 ingredients
PEG-100 Stearate
Fungal Acne
Shea Butter
Hydrating, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Fungal Acne
Rose Extract
Soothing, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant
Hyaluronic Acid
Superoxide Dismutase
Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxidant
Cetyl Alcohol
Retinyl Palmitate
Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging, Fungal Acne, Anti-Aging
Soothing, Hydrating, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging
Glyceryl Stearate
Hydrating, Fungal Acne
Vitamin E Acetate
Butylene Glycol
Stearic Acid
Comedogenic, Fungal Acne
Soothing, Hydrating, Fungal Acne
PEG-40 Stearate
Fungal Acne
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You Don’t Need A Dermatologist When You Can Layer Your Dermalogica!
You Don’t Need A Dermatologist When You Can Layer Your Dermalogica!
That heading is pretty much how I feel about Dermalogica. Their products have quite literally been a lifesaver for my oily and acne-prone skin. I got their “normal/oily skin kit” a while ago and actually ran out, so I recently purchased a new set! That’s how much I love them! I love to start my day using the kit, and it is so convenient for me. I no longer mix up my routine, use my PM products in the morning on accident, or forget a step in between. All because this kit covers everything I look for in my morning routine! I always start with the Special Cleansing Gel to clean my face in the mornings. With my oily skin, my pores get clogged with the sebum, so I find that I need to cleanse my face every morning. This one is absolutely perfect, with the right texture and amazing, soft scent. I can feel that my oil production is getting under control! After cleansing, I love to layer on a nice spray of the Multi Active Toner mist. This layer helps hydrate my freshly washed skin, but also is a great layering product because it allows the next layers to sit on the skin and absorb really well. It is such a fresh and fun way to wake up in the morning! I usually like to use a serum such as tea tree oil after my toner, then follow it with the Oil Control Lotion also by Dermalogica. This lotion is a true miracle! It does its job and is so lightweight! It doesn’t feel like I have anything on at all, which is a huge plus for me especially during the summer months. The scent is also not overbearing too! I would definitely rate it a 10/10. The Kit consists of five products; the cleansing gel, the multi active toner, a skin scrub that I use twice a week after cleansing, a moisturizer that I love to use after the oil control lotion, and lastly, the eye cream. The kit is such a lifesaver for those mornings when you are especially groggy and might also be running late for the day! dermalogica - Special Cleansing Geldermalogica - Multi-Active Tonerdermalogica - Intensive Eye Repairdermalogica - Skin prep scrub
Intensive Eye Repair
dermalogica-Intensive Eye Repair