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No Dull Days Purifying Cleanser

No Dull Days Purifying Cleanser

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What It IsThe Bliss No Dull Days Purifying Cleanser is a balmy cleansing stick absorbs skin-dulling toxins, oil and makeup then rinses them away.
28 ingredients
Shea Butter
Hydrating, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Fungal Acne
PEG-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate
Fungal Acne
Charcoal Powder
Exfoliating, Anti-Inflammatory
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blissworld came out with a  li
blissworld came out with a line of cleansing sticks, I was excited to try them out: 💧Oh My Gommage - Soft plant cellulose, Babassu palm oil. This one has the milkiest texture. It acts like a roller balm that melts on the skin, crumbling into soft pills that roll away the gunk. I feel totally baby faced after using this and have been using it daily. It has a captivating scent - a cross between fresh laundry and a spring garden. Can you tell this one is my favorite? 🍸Cold Pressed - 40% olive oil, vitamin E. This one is firmer than the OMG and foams up on contact with water, so it works best when you lather it into wet skin. Because of the higher oil content, this one removes heavy makeup like foundation faster than the OMG stick. It acts more like a traditional cleanser, so if you’re a foundation wearer and need a travel cleanser, this one will work best for you. 🎅🏻No Dull Days - Charcoal, shea butter, vitamin E. This one has the “gummiest” texture; It does not pill or lather, so you need to do a more thorough job of rinsing the stick off. I found that this does not remove makeup well at all. However, where this shines is for workouts: Charcoal is supposed to attach to dirt in the skin and draw it out, and I don’t wear makeup to workout anyway. If you are looking for a detoxifying cleanser and don’t need to dissolve oil-based makeup, try this one.
Cold Pressed Olive Oil Foaming Cleanser
bliss-Cold Pressed Olive Oil Foaming Cleanser
Cleansing sticks are completel
Cleansing sticks are completely new to me since I’ve never tried them. I love the concept and think it’s perfect for travel and a low maintenance routine. I’m actually going to let my boyfriend use one of them because I feel like he would appreciate the convenience of it and also as a way to further persuade him to stick to his routine. I’m gonna test one out tonight as well As for the pinrosescents they scent over their Sun Saint fragrance which I chose out of a bunch of their “petals” (fragranced wipes kind of lol). I really liked the beachy vibe it gave off and also had a bit of help deciding from their quiz that you can take online! Tells you which scents you’re most likely to love. I’m already a big fan of their Secret Genius and I have that in the regular perfume AND the shimmering mist 💖 -Dax
No Dull Days Purifying Cleanser
bliss-No Dull Days Purifying Cleanser
Working out after a long day a
Working out after a long day at work would really make my skin tired and dull. Don't get me started on have to pack a bunch stuff to shower afterwards. Enter in the Bliss cleanser sticks that come simple to pack and great for on-the-go life. 🎍The oh my gommage is a milky gentle exfoliate that turns has ultra fine plant based fibers that can lift dead skin leaving skin healthy, glowing and ultra-smooth in a matter of minutes. I'm so delighted about is the bamboo stem powder which is rich in mineral salt to condition skin and the babassu oil which helps balance skin’s natural oils. 🎍After workouts where I did a lot cardio and have a fine sheen of face 💦 I applied this and let the tiny cellulose fibers ball up the oil on my skin. I rub a bit them to ensure the tiny particles cling to bad and rinse it all off. The scent from this stick is intoxicating too 😉! 🌿With the cold pressed cleaner I get a thick vitamin-rich formula with over 40% olive oil. It provides a powerful yet gentle cleanse and glides on smooth. Worked to a lather it melts away day's impurities including makeup. It also contains geranium oil a natural astringent to help cleanse away pore-clogging impurities. 🌿This one comes out during have lifting days. My arms hurt and I just want to smear my face quickly and effectively. This grabs everything from the workout and the rest of the day. It’s a dose vitiamin e for my skin barrier that I trust because there's not to much in the formula. ⚫For a soild detox of chemicals, I pull out the no dull days, a oakwood charcoal balmy cleansing stick. It absorbs skin-dulling toxins, oil and makeup, for a super focused facial cleanse. The key ingredient detoxes and purifies the skin by drawing out dirt and oil. Micro silica buffs away tired cells. ⚫After I swim 🏊🏽‍♀️ laps for a hour my face feel dry, dirty and covered in chlorine. I grabs this then hit the shower. Thanks to this my skin is restored.
Cold Pressed Olive Oil Foaming Cleanser
bliss-Cold Pressed Olive Oil Foaming Cleanser