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Rouge Pur Couture the Slim Matte Lipstick
01 Rouge Extravagant
01 Rouge Extravagant
02 Strange Orange
04 Fuchsia Excentrique
05 Peculiar Pink
08 Contrary Fuchsia
09 Red Enigma
10 Corail Antinomique
11 Ambiguous Beige
12 Nu Incongru
14 Rose Curieux
16 Rosewood Oddity
17 Nude Antonym
18 Reverse Red
21 Rouge Paradoxe
23 Mystery Red
24 Rare Rose
26 Rouge Mirage
28 True Chili
30 Nude Protest

Rouge Pur Couture the Slim Matte Lipstick

What It DoesIt's presented in couture-inspired shades developed for every skin tone by creative director Tom Pecheux. It saturates lips with ultra-rich, highly pigmented matte color that feels weightless and incredibly comfortable on the lips. The non-drying, creamy formula glides on effortlessly and stays put all day so you don't ever have to worry about bleeding, cracking or reapplying. The couture slim square bullet design, inspired by the iconic designs of the Yves Saint Laurent Couture House, allows you to achieve a neat, clean, beautiful result in just a few swipes. It showcases the brand's iconic gold packaging mixed with matte black sophistication.
What It IsA superslim, square couture lipstick that provides Yves Saint Laurent's most luxurious, ultra-full and longwear matte yet.
What Else You Need to KnowThis long-lasting lipstick lipstick uses an innovative square bullet that allows for easy application and precise lines. The highly pigmented matte finish feels lightweight and incredibly comfortable on the lips, while the non-drying lipstick formula helps to avoid bleeding, cracking, or reapplying.
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Butylene Glycol
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My fav shades of YSL Slim Matte Lipsticks 💋💋💋
My fav shades of YSL Slim Matte Lipsticks 💋💋💋
I am a fan of YVES SAINT LAURENT - Rouge Pur Couture the Slim Matte Lipstick Beautiful and sleek casing which can be engraved. It’s skinny so it fits right into your purse with no trouble. It's very easy for touch ups. However, as it’s skinny, it’s easy for it to break and fall out of the tube. 🥺🥺 The formula is creamy, non- drying and glides on effortlessly. The texture is matte, but I had no issue with bleeding or cracking even though I have dry lips. Pigmentation is amazing too.🥰🥰 💄#21 This shade is  retro red with a little cold tone. It's the perfect/classic red that flatters all the skin tone and looks good for every occasion: glamorous night or casual brunch. 💄#17 A gentle color. It's a nude antique rose, and it's very friendly to skin of white and yellow tone. It's suitable for everyday use and daily use.I was looking for a Pink that was better than my natural lip color. This fits the bill!
Rouge Pur Couture the Slim Matte Lipstick
YVES SAINT LAURENT-Rouge Pur Couture the Slim Matte Lipstick
YSL Slim #12 Nu Incongru 💄

YSL Slim #12 Nu Incongru 💄 👍This is one of my favorite lipsticks for daily use. It is super easy to apply. The matte texture can give a full coverage to the lips and the warm color immediately pops up. It is very friendly for fair and medium skin tone. Not sure if dark or olive skin tone can use this one as well. 👎Color will be easily wiped off when eating. The SLIM series also have a dozen of other colors and cost $39 each.
Rouge Pur Couture the Slim Matte Lipstick
YVES SAINT LAURENT-Rouge Pur Couture the Slim Matte Lipstick
Some awesome red lip products 💋
Some awesome red lip products 💋
Speaking of red lips, it is a symbol of elegant French women. For me, I love wearing red lips when I go for a party, take photos while traveling or just don’t want to have too much eye makeup but still need to look confident. And here are three of my favorite red lip products that can be used all around the year. The first one is the slim matte lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent, #21-Rouge Paradoxe. It is a red color with blue undertones, which will make me look brighter. And the super slim, square shape will help to draw a clean lip line and achieves a neat finish. The packaging is really fancy, using YSL iconic gold mixed with matte black. I really love the formula of this collection—creamy, long wearing and really pigmented. I usually use it when I have all black outfits and the red lip will be the spotlight. YVES SAINT LAURENT - Rouge Pur Couture the Slim Matte Lipstick The next one is the Powermatte lip pigment from NARS, #Vain. It is brick red with weightless matte pigment and long-lasting. The doe-foot applicator provides precise application and full coverage in one swipe. It dries down pretty fast, so I don’t need to worry about it slipping on my lip or having uneven finish after it dries. Since it’s so pigmented and liquid, I recommend not to apply too much at one time and always use fingers to blend it and built it up according to your needs. NARS - Powermatte Lip Pigment The last one is the Rouge unlimited supreme matte lipstick from Shu uemura, #Deep cranberry. This is from the 2018 chocolate collection, so it smells just like chocolate! 🍫It also has a chocolate smooth matte finish, so I always use it in daily life because I don’t need to worry about cracking when I reapply it after meals. shu uemura - Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipstick So here are three red lip products I love for months. What are your favorite red lipsticks?
Powermatte Lip Pigment
NARS-Powermatte Lip Pigment