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Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation
Buff Beige 130
Buff Beige 130
Cappuccino 340
Classic Beige 245
Classic Ivory 120
Classic Tan 335
Coconut 355
Creamy Beige 122
Deep Bronze 370
Deep Golden 368
Espresso 380
Fair Ivory 105
Fair Porcelain 102
Golden 312
Golden Caramel 332
Ivory 115
Java 375
Latte 358
Light Beige 118
Light Honey 242
Mocha 360
Natural Beige 220
Natural Buff 230
Natural Ivory 112
Natural Tan 320
Nude Beige 125
Nutmeg 365
Porcelain 110
Pure Beige 235
Rich Tan 238
Soft Sand 124
Soft Tan 228
Spicy Brown 338
Sun Beige 310
Toffee 330
True Beige 222
Truffle 362
Warm Coconut 356
Warm Honey 322
Warm Nude 128
Warm Sun 334

Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation

4.1( 3.6K Ratings )
Why It's SpecialMatte finish and hard-to-beat price
What It IsFit Me! Matte + Poreless from Maybelline goes beyond skin tone matching to fit the unique texture issues of normal to oily skin for the ultimate natural skin fit.
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My Process for Flawless Foundation
My Process for Flawless Foundation
While I’m no makeup expert, I’ve found what makes me feel confident and beautiful. Here’s my process for achieving flawless foundation: Maintaining a healthy base is absolutely key to flawless foundation. Start off with a clean and moisturized face. Listen to your skin and watch how it reacts to products. Focus on skincare so that when you apply foundation, it’ll glide on in a breeze. If interested, I’ve described my skin routine previously for Cherie but if you’d like a spoiler, buy DIFFERIN - DIFFERIN Acne Treatment Gel After my face is prepped, I apply MAYBELLINE - Cover Stick Concealer directly onto any dark spots and redness. The green color helps to offset discoloration but it’s important to lightly blend it out afterwards so that the color isn’t too harsh and can be covered by foundation. And then comes actual foundation: You’re going to want to do research...and lots of it before you find your perfect fit. I’m not even sure if I’ve found mine, seeing that I mix two different foundations to satisfy my coverage and skin tone needs. There’s sheer, medium, and full coverage foundations so be sure to understand what you’re searching for. Look past just the labeling and what foundations claim that they’ll do. Go the extra mile and research the ingredients too. Try out different shades with specific undertones. Keep in mind that you may be a different color in the summer compared to the winter. I mixNARS - Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation and MAYBELLINE - Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation and have come to be satisfied with the outcome (although I’d love to only spend $$$ on one foundation). So, yes, it’s a journey and a long one that even I’m still on, but it’s one worth going on. I contour with KKW BEAUTY - Crème Contour & Highlight Sets and honestly I love these. The contour colors aren’t too light or too dark for me and glide on smoothly, perfect to blend. I use the typical beauty blender for my foundation and wet it with water as most do to prevent excess product from soaking in. Make sure to gently dab instead of just rubbing foundation in and use product conservatively. I use e.l.f. - Beautifully Bare Blending Brush to blend my highlight contour and really like it because of the brush’s precision. I can’t stress to you enough how important it is to consistently change your beauty blender and clean your makeup brushes. This goes along with protecting and maintaining skincare. I use MAC - Brush Cleanser and a brush cleansing pad that I bought from Amazon. I simply soak the cleanser onto each individual brush in a bowl, brush it over the cleansing pad, rinse it off with water, and leave the brush to air dry. It may take some time but it’s totally worth it every so often. Trust me, your skin will thank you.
Beautifully Bare Blending Brush
e.l.f.-Beautifully Bare Blending Brush
Drugstore v. Luxury Foundation
Drugstore v. Luxury Foundation
Is it me or is it always a struggle to find a good foundation?? anyone? well guys, here we go! I usually try to match a foundation stick with a liquid foundation or a creamy concealer with a matte foundation! In the purple sweater photo, I’m wearing MAYBELLINE - Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation & Glossier. - Stretch Concealer ! I’ve haven’t used maybelline in *years*. I used to use it in high school literally every day but decided to take a break and dive into more luxury, clean skincare... ...which leads up to the photo in a black pullover, I’m wearing ILIA - True Skin Serum Foundation & Milk MAKEUP - Flex Foundation Stick which I’ve been using the last year and a half but when I’m really dry on my face (mainly during winter), my face starts peeling ☹️ I think that’s it’s mainly the MM stick ugh but the verdict? both wear and stay very, very well throughout the day & feel SUPER weightless ~however~ I will probably stick with the maybelline foundation for now since I’m not wearing full face makeup everyday and the glossier concealer but don’t knock Ilia & the MM stick because both are really nice for a more sheer look but it is a bit $$$ I love going back and forth on both combos. I really need to try maybellines concealer due to cost to glossier’s but man oh man glossier’s stretch concealer is probably the best concealer I’ve tried thus far! 👏🏼 I hope this helps anyone trying to decide on a drugstore or luxury brand! both are great and definitely worth trying! I love having both options, especially depending on the need of the type of look I’m going for ✨ happy Monday, Cherie fam! 🌝
Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation
MAYBELLINE-Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation
WORST OF 2020!
WORST OF 2020!
Let’s leave all the negativity and crappy beauty products where they belong, 2020. 😂 So these are the worst beauty products of 2020. 1. CHANEL - BAUME ESSENTIEL Multi-Use Glow Stick: BOOOOOOO. This is the worst highlighter ever. It is not a highlighter. Don’t waste your money like I did. 2. MAYBELLINE - Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation: this one makes me sad. I used this religiously back in the day. But now something has changed with my skin and it does not look right at all. 3. OSEA - Red Algae Mask: this mask has a weird texture. at first I liked it. But I just found myself never really reaching for it because of the dry down texture. It’s weird. Well those are the worst beauty products of 2020. Here’s to finding only the best beauty products in 2021. Until tomorrow, Xoxo 💋 #CherieCreator
BAUME ESSENTIEL Multi-Use Glow Stick
Cover-girl Clean Foundation Review
Cover-girl Clean Foundation Review
I have always had a special place in my heart for this foundation if I’m speaking honestly. Back when I was in cosmetology school, and we were given our SICKENING Makeup Forever kits, I was SO excited to start playing even though I had literally -12 makeup knowledge. So after wasting a full bottle of the MAKE UP FOR EVER - Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation I needed to find something more cost effective that still gave the amazing results that foundation did! I remember my mom used to use the Cover-girl Sensitive Line, and the smell of that foundation was my childhood! I loved watching my mom put it on in the morning, because it meant she would feel her most beautiful 😇 I figured since I had oily skin, ALL my base products had to have matte finish, and I’d never get glowy, dewy skin like the girls on Instagram! I’d have to just highlight later and hope for the best. Since school, I have opened my eyes to a wide variety of drugstore foundations, (Be ready for reviews on them later!) and after discovering MAYBELLINE - Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation and wet n wild - Photofocus Liquid Matte Foundation I all but forgot about it! But as of lately, my makeup budget is TIGHT and I really needed new foundation like yesterday! Cue Cover-girl Foundation in Clean. I’ve grown out of matte finishes, I find they are too limiting when you place products on top of them, because even if you have a GORGEOUS shimmery blush, the shimmer seems dull because of the matte base it’s adhering to. I tried this stuff for the first time yesterday and I was pretty impressed, honestly! It blends kind of strangely but I’m also a blending ADDICT so it doesn’t bother me TOO much, but for someone who needs efficiency it might go downhill for you. It does apply well with fingers but a little goes a LONG way so be careful, sponge girls! And can we talk about the smell?? It smells almost like a medicated cleanser??? And it has a slight drying effect on the skin, but it doesn’t really finish matte. It’s medium/buildable coverage doesn’t appear heavy, and it sets BEAUTIFULLY under powder! I’d recommend using a stick concealer with it though, as it is rather liquidy. Overall, this foundation is SUPER good for the price, I’m actually shocked I can find any foundation under even $15 these days! It shall hold me over for now until I get my photo focus back by wet n wild and I can be a satin dream like I’ve always wanted!
Clean Liquid Foundation
COVERGIRL-Clean Liquid Foundation
Make-up Battle: Drugstore vs Counter Foundation for Combination Skin!
Make-up Battle: Drugstore vs Counter Foundation for Combination Skin!
❣️Background For someone with combination skin, if I can avoid foundations, I probably would. Unfortunately, some occasions still call for a fuller foundation coverage, and I have exprimented with a few brands that work for me without clogging pores. ❣️Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation – 1 oz 🔍Lightweight?  Yes, it is a silky and fluid foundation that glides across my face easily 🔍Mattify?  If you are looking for a foundation that controls your T-zone, this may not be the best choice for you. As it is a very light foundation, it may melt off pretty easily, especially in warmer months. However, I find that layering some loose powder over the foundaton helps with staying power. 🔍Give natural-looking coverage?  Yup, with about 40 shades in this series, you can find the closest shade that will “fit you”. With its reasonable price, you can also mix and match two colors to find one that best suits you, especially when seasons transition.  🔍Easy to remove? Pretty much so! I use Micellar Water as a gentle makeup remover at night to make sure it is removed completely before I moisurize.  🔍USD5.39 on Target ❣️Diorskin Forever Undercover Foundation – 1.2 oz Pictured here is a smaller tester version  🔍Lightweight?  Water-based foundation that feels ultra-silky and weightless on my skin throughout the day 🔍Mattify?  It stays on my face throughout the day and leaves my face looking fresh and glowy, even until the end of the day. A light powder touch-up on my face before I leave for my evening date usually sufficies. A little goes on a long way. For more casual looks, I apply sparingly on my face, especially on my problem areas.  🔍Give natural-looking coverage?  The foundation is promoted to “offer the most extreme coverage in a Dior foundation yet.” Compared to other foundations I used, the luxurious texture provides more concealing power over my dark eye circles and darker areas around my mouth and under my nose. The results are natural and I find myself skipping the concealer. It is easy to pick your exact match with 24 shades in this series.  🔍Easy to remove? Compared to a drugstore foundation, I will need to use a more heavy-duty make-up remover and cleanser to ensure that the foundation is removed completely. As its richer formula provides more coverage, I am cool with a stricter cleansing process.  🔍USD52 on Sephora ❣️Conclusion: Maybelline has an edge for its lighter texture and value-for -money factor. If you prefer to experiment different make-up products, feel free to give this a go. If I were to pick one foundation to travel everywhere with, I would go with Dior’s for its heavier coverage and staying power.
Diorskin Forever Undercover Foundation
DIOR-Diorskin Forever Undercover Foundation
My foundation collection 🥳
My foundation collection 🥳
Here's a rundown of every foundation I have and my rating/opinion on them (the ones I've owned for quite a bit)! Enjoy :) MAYBELLINE - Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation in 112 natural ivory - moves around a lot and isn't good for oily skin, since I found it to need lots of powder Glossier. - Perfecting Skin Tint in shades G10, 11 & 12 - they're tints, so don't expect full coverage - more like light-medium, you can build it up. I give them 4/5 stars bc they need to expand their shade range and bc I found I needed lots of powder to set this one. Rare Beauty - Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation in 140C - I'm so impressed by this one and I love it. So worth it and the shade range is really good. A good long wearing foundation and I didn't have any issues. Too Faced - Born This Way Natural Finish Foundation in seashell & cloud - I mix them together to get my perfect shade, since cloud is too light and seashell is too dark. Def one of the best foundations (if not the best) ever made. COVERGIRL - Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation in 510/porcelain - too light but not a bad foundation, more of a skin tint and the smell kinda bothers me I have yet to try all these in a wear test: DIOR - BACKSTAGE Face & Body Foundationin 1 cool rosy ARMANI beauty - Luminous Silk Foundation in 3.75 HOURGLASS - Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stickin vanilla ESTĒE LAUDER - Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation in 1C0 shell beautyblender - Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundationin 1.50 cool Charlotte Tilbury - Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundationin 2 cool Next up to try: Fenty pro filt'r soft matte foundation and YSL all hours foundation - I have samples of both and I'm excited to try them
Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation
Charlotte Tilbury-Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation