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Full Lash Serum

Full Lash Serum

3.8( 454 Ratings )
Why It's SpecialUsers love how affordable and effective this serum is with many noticing new growth within a few short weeks (even after they spent much of the 1990s seriously plucking their eyebrows).
What It DoesThis powerful, hydrating formula helps condition and restore lashes and brows, leaving them with a healthier and shinier appearance. It's formulated with arginine, which is known to help restore the condition of hair-like lashes and brows. It easily absorbs to quickly deliver ingredients with no mess while helping to hydrate the lashline and brows. It's designed with a flocked tip applicator to comfortably reach small areas between lashes and into your lashline.
What It IsA high-performance serum with sophisticated technology for elegant, beautiful lashes and brows.
Research ResultsBased on an independent US consumer study by 100 women, after 16 weeks: - 80% reported denser-looking lashes - 79% reported fuller-looking lashes - 84% reported visibly more beautiful lashes
What Else You Need to KnowA bestseller in Asia, this powerful, hydrating formula helps prevent lashes and brows from looking sparse, short, and thin. Lashes and brows appear fuller, healthier, and rich with shine after as little as eight weeks. It’s designed with a flocked-tip applicator to comfortably reach small areas between lashes and into lash line.
17 ingredients
Butylene Glycol
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Shiseido Brow and Lash Serum
Shiseido Brow and Lash Serum
This lash (and brow) serum is designed to give you long and thick lashes and visibly thicker brows. In my opinion, if you are paying less than $75 for a lash or brow serum, it is probably not going to be super effective. I have been letting my brows grow out while using this (for about 3 months) but I have not noticed any additional growth than what would normally be there. It has a doe-foot applicator which I do like because I feel like it is easier to apply to brows than a small brush tip. I put it on before bed and it dries quickly and goes on clear. It is $36 which is substantially cheaper than most lash/brow serums on the market, but I would still not recommend it as I did not see much of a difference.SHISEIDO - Full Lash Serum
Full Lash Serum
SHISEIDO-Full Lash Serum